9 Best Electric Crepe Makers & Pancake Makers In 2018

Would you like to have crepes for breakfast every time you wake up? If yes, then it would be high time that you invest in a crepe maker. These kitchen appliances are designed to help you enjoy tasty crepes at any time of the day. And the best thing of all; they allow you to do so right in the comfort of your home. Like all kitchen appliances, crepe makers come in various styles to choose from. However, there are those units that are designed to give you the best-tasting crepes in a more convenient way. Lets look at the best models that will essentially take the guesswork out of every crepe making process.

Table of the Best Electric Crepe Makers Reviews

9.  CucinaPro Electric Cordless Crepe Maker with Recipe Guid

Crepe Makers

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This unit is a perfect choice for making 7.5-inch crepes. It incorporates a cooking surface that can easily be detached from the base. The absence of any cord attachments allows fro convenient dipping into the batter tray. The cordless top is designed to rotate on the base as you cook. This facilitates efficient clearing of the edges by using the included spatula. The base of this crepe maker incorporates a cord wrap that allows for easy and neat storage. The non-stick coating enables you to easily peel off the crepe from the cooking surface. More: Best Hand Mixers Reviews

8. Eurolux 12″Electric Griddle & Crepe Maker By the Swiss Ilag

Electric Griddle and Crepe Maker

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Coming in a compact size, this unit enables you to make 12-inch crepes. It incorporates a plastic construction with an aluminum cooking plate. The plate heats up fast and the surface temperature can be adjusted to 5 different levels. The plate is coated with a non-stick material for that provides easy cleaning. A red indicator light signals that the unit is on while the green light means that you are ready to start. Besides making crepes, this unit can also be used to prepare pancakes.

7. Eurolux 7.5 Inch Cordless Crepe Maker

 Eurolux Cordless Crepe Maker (7.5"') Roll over image to zoom in Eurolux Cordless Crepe Maker

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This unit can make crepes measuring 7.5 inches in diameter. It incorporates a non-stick cooking plate. This enables you to easily pull off the crepes without the oil. The unit features a series of groves at the base for excellent storage. The plastic handle is well-balanced for enhanced comfort while cooking.

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6. Waring 16-Inch Heavy-Duty Electric Crepe Maker

Heavy-Duty Commercial Electric Crepe Maker

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This 1800-watt unit comes in a one piece construction. Its stainless steel base is attached to cast iron coking plate. The extra-large cooking surface is designed to accommodate 16-inch crepes. The cast iron plate heats quickly and distributes heat evenly. The cooking surface features a maximum temperature of 570 degrees Fahrenheit. It is non-stick for easy cleaning.

5. Tibos Chromed Electric Crepe Maker

Tibos Chromed Tibos Electric Crepe Maker

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This 1300-watt crepe maker can prepare crepes measuring 13 inches in diameter. It incorporates a smooth non-stick cooking surface that economizes greatly on the amount of oil used. It heats up quickly and uniformly so that you won’t have to wait for long before commencing your cooking. The surface temperature can be adjusted by using the incorporated temperature controls. The cooking surface can easily be cleaned using warm water and soap.

4. Krampouz Tibos 110v 13-Inch Griddle Crepe Machine

Krampouz Tibos Domestic Crepe Griddle

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This griddle is specifically designed for home use. It is fabricated from stainless steel and features a 13-inch cooking surface. It heats evenly and maintains the correct temperature so that your crepes are evenly cooked. The cooking surface is coated with non-stick material. So you do not have to spend hours scraping stuck food from the cooking surface.

3. Paderno World Cuisine Electric Crepe Maker

Electric Crepe Maker

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This unit is fabricated from heavy-duty stainless steel for maximum durability and great heat resistance. Heat is generated by a 1300-watt heating element. The non-stick cooking surface is designed to prepare 13-inch crepes. It heats very quickly and retains heat well. The incorporated thermostat allows you to regulate the surface temperature to match your cooking needs. The unit comes with various accessories that help in spreading the batter and peeling the crepes off from the cooking surface.

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2. VillaWare V5225 Crepe Maker

Villaware Crepe Maker

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This crepe maker incorporates a 7.5-inch cooking surface. Its multi-functional design also enables you to prepare blintzes. The unit features a sturdy steel construction. The cooking surface heats evenly for uniform browning. The cooking surface is non-stick, which eliminates the need for soaking prior to washing. Heat is provides by a 900-watt heating element. The surface temperature is automatically regulated for great precision in your cooking. This unit comes with recipes to get you started.

1. Krampouz CECIJ4 Double Commercial Crepe maker Griddle

Double Commercial Crepe maker Griddle

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This unit incorporates a 2-in-1 design. It features two cooking surfaces each measuring 15.5 inches in diameter. The cooking surface is made of cast iron and rapidly heats up to melt batter in seconds. Heat is derived from two, 3600-watt heating elements. The surface temperature can be adjusted within the range of 120 to 575 degrees Fahrenheit. The feet of the griddle is encased in non-slip plastic to prevent unnecessary movement.

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