Top 10 Best Electric Car Charging Stations Reviews In 2020

We all know what a car charging station does. It is used to provide an electrical charge to the car batteries. Though the electrical vehicle you own comes with a standard connection to recharge, it is always more efficient and better to use a charging station that can provide you with added benefits like faster charge as well as less energy consumption. As the technology used in electrical automobiles becomes more efficient with each day, more and more companies are focusing on manufacturing electric car charging stations to make your lives better.

So how would you choose the right station for your EV? It is simple; give this article a read and in no time you will know which models meet your demands in the right way. The article below features charging stations that have been reviewed carefully and promises to deliver you with optimum results. Choose one of the best car charging Stations and gift yourself an amazing present.

Table of the Best Electric Car Charging Stations Reviews

10. ChargePoint Home Wi-Fi Electric Vehicle Charger Station

Electric Car Charging Stations

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Car charging stations are meant to be your saviour on the move. The Charge Point charger is amazing in every way and comes with Amazon Alexa voice control that makes it even more interesting. On the features part, this charging station comes with a 25” miles range per hour and charges up to 6 times faster than the normal ones. This 32EV charging station is also compatible with a wide range of vehicles making it more accessible for use. Also, the charger saves you a lot of energy as much as 40% less than the daily ones. Small in size and huge on rewards, totally a suited choice as a charge station for your aid.

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9. Bosch Level 2 EV Charger 30A 25-feet Cable

Bosch Level 2 EV Charger 30A 25ft cable

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The trust of Bosch along with a design that is compact and sleek, this is an EV charger that ensures safety at its prime owing to the different certifications and listings. It can be used both indoors and outdoors without any challenges. Plus, it is compatible with all J1772 standard vehicles. Also, it has on and off switch that ensures you don’t consume more energy than required and LED indicators to display you different charging and power statuses. Choose this charger if safety standards are your primary concern and brand value matters to you.

8. JuiceBox WiFi-equipped Electric Car Charging Station

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

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This indoor cum outdoor 10kW EV charge station has a high power of 40A for optimum performances and comes with a cable management system to make your job easier. There are other exciting features on this charging station which includes LED indicators, a smartphone application for charging status, Wi-Fi connectivity and even voice control. Have the power at your fingertips as this charger works fine with any power sources like the dryer, RV type, and regular wall outlet. Now you can even control the charging time to avoid risks of excess electric expenses.

7. Siemens US2 Universal Fast Charging and Easy Installation

Siemens US2 Universal Fast Charging

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Rated at 30 amps, 240 V, the Siemens charging station rewards you with quicker charging which claims to be 4 times faster than regular ones. It is even easier to set up as it comes along with a convenient mounting bracket and NEMA 6-50 plug enabling it to be used with common dryer outlets. Furthermore, to enhance the flexibility of usage, you can also pause and delay between 2/4/6/8 hours for better results. The use of premium materials in the construction makes it quite durable to last you a long time. This charger is compatible with all J1772 complying car models and Tesla vehicles making your job easier on the move.

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6. Leviton EVB22-3PM Home Charging Station Level 2

Leviton EVB22-3PM Evr-Green 160 Home Charging Station

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It gives a new dimension to portability as this charging station has a non-permanent set up allowing it remove and carry it as per your need. The NEMA type 4 enclosure on this makes it weatherproof and safe to use. Moreover, it has really good features like Auto-reset which makes it start again even if the charger shuts down for some minor faults. The user-friendly single button interface is ADA compliant and makes it easier for you every single time. It also comes with a technologically advanced LED indicator that lights up even during charging. Compatible with almost every car models, this is a good choice among charging stations.

5. Siemens US2 VC30GRYHW Hard-Wired Fast Charging

Siemens US2:VC30GRYHW VersiCharge Hard-Wired

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The trust of a reliable brand like Siemens has been brought forwarded to this excellent car charging station. Along with trust and reliability, it also has top-notch efficiency and rewards the users with 4 times faster charging than the ordinary ones. The patented and impressive feature of pause and delay between 2 to 8 hours is there in this model which makes charging operations easier. Other interesting features include an LED halo to track your charging levels and a smart cable management system for clutter-free dealings. With this charging station, have a fully charged EV ready for you always.

4. Zencar Portable Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Portable EVSE Home Electric Vehicle Charging Station

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Now, you can charge your car as easily as you charge your mobile phones and other devices. Yes, with Zencar Vehicle charging station, you actually do not need any assembly. Just plug in and you are all done. This plug is designed to be compatible with all automobile companies that manufacture Electrical Vehicles. The fast charging speed which is 3 times faster and rated at 220 V is certainly what you need to make your job of charging easier as well as faster. Besides being fast, this charger is also extremely safe and comes with multiple protections against lighting, leakage, overheat, over voltage, water resistant and it is even fire resistant. Also, you get a 25 ft charging chord which improves the flexibility and functionality.

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3. Schneider Indoor Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Indoor Electric Vehicle Charging Station

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When it comes to looks, the Schneider Electric model stands out to be the best as this is the only model where you can customize the looks uniquely with different skins and photos. Furthermore, this provides 2-4 times faster charging than regular 110 V home outlets. The appealing minimalistic design is a stand out feature of this device and the charger is extremely slim making it easier to handle. It also delivers powerful charging using the only 30A of electric current. And it works over flexible input voltages between 208 V and 240 V. Features like auto restart and auto shut-off is quite brilliant that makes it an even better option to choose from. Track your charging time with LED indicators on the device.

2. AeroVironment TurboCord 240 Volt UL-Listed EV Charger

AeroVironment TurboCord 240 Volt Plug-In EV Charger

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The trust and reliability on this charger are incomparable as it is the official charging station provider for multiple automobile brands including Nissan and Chevrolet. All of the chargers from AeroVironment are rigorously tested and complies with the UL safety requirements which ensure utmost safety and efficiency. Moreover, it sets new standards to the portability factor as the charger can charge your EV 3 times faster than the standard devices. The rugged and durable TurboCord ensures long-term using without any risks of damage whatsoever. Installation and setting up of the charger is even easier as all you need to do is plug in and enjoy its benefits.

1. ChargePoint Home Wi-Fi 240 Volt Connected EV Charger

Home Wi-Fi Connected Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger

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Sitting at the numero-uno spot, the Charge Point 32 amps EV charger is undoubtedly the finest charging station on the list. Manufactured with precision and care, the charger has a number of impressive features like 6 times faster charging, 25 miles of range per hour and a lot of energy saving technology. Furthermore, it can be used with any EV available in the market. Plus, this station comes with a mobile application that can schedule your charging time, set reminders of charge and also get charge status. Also, the charger is compatible with Amazon Alexa voice control for enhanced functionality and fun. Certainly, it is the best choice among EV chargers.

As the world vouches for more energy efficient electric vehicles, the importance of charging stations increases rapidly. So, choose the best charging station from the ones mentioned above and drive your EV without any hassle.

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