Best Outdoor Dog Crate Covers | Dog Kennel Covers Reviews In 2021

Your responsibility doesn’t end with buying a crate for your dogs. Often leaving your dogs in an open environment and inside a crate can severely affect their health. So, you need to ensure their security in order to keep them happy. Well, dog crate covers are certainly going to provide your pet with the sense of security that has been missing. They will feel like they are in a safe environment and also, no foreign elements will disturb them.

So, buy a dog crate cover online that checks all the quality expectations and delivers amazing performance. Now, keep reading.

Best Dog Crate Covers Reviews

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10. Explore Land 42″ Dog Crate Cover 

Dog Crate Covers

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Keep the pets with utmost safety until and unless they find their forever home. Having a size of 42-inches, this is wide enough to cover large crates. This universal dog crate cover is going to beautifully cover even the wire crates. When it comes to construction, it is of Oxford cloth that is going to resist strong winds. Moreover, you get two different entrance doors for smooth movement.

Given that, there is even a zipper at the top in order to bring them out harmlessly. Also, your dog will not feel suffocated inside it as there are two mesh windows to monitor. In fact, the flaps help open the windows or keep them closed.

Key features:

  • 5 toggles are present to fasten the cover to the crates and keep it in position.
  • In order to avoid any unfortunate occurrences, it offers a 1-year warranty.
  • This comes in 3 different color options to make a desirable pick.

9. MidWest 36″ Dog Crate Covers

MidWest 36" Dog Crate Covers

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For the sake of your dog’s privacy as well as safety, this lightweight dog crate cover is the choice of veterinarians, breeders, and even trainers. The dogs will even get full security as this can entirely cover the large 36-inches. Next, having a construction of Teflon fabric, will not endure stains or any oil spills. Besides, the combination of cotton and polyester gives it extra strength and you can keep the worries damages away.

This even features hook and loop tabs that will keep it tied down to the crate and ensure your dogs’ maximum security. It is capable enough to deal with the anxious behavior of the pets and so, no damages.

Key features:

  • There are 5 flaps kept at the front as well as back that prove to be the right placement.
  • You can simply put it in the washing machine for deep cleaning.
  • This creates a den-like experience that feels homely and pretty comfortable.

8. HONEST OUTFITTERS 42″ Dog Kennel Cover for Large Dog

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Indeed, a waterproof dog crate cover that will fit perfectly on large-sized dog kennels that are as big as 42-inches. The cover has a construction of 600D Oxford fabric that makes it immune to strong winds. Plus, your dog can scratch as much as it wants, there will be no impact. You can, in fact, open the cover from two sides and keep a watch on the pet. Also, the mesh window can also be opened to keep them fully under strict monitoring.

Furthermore, there are four adhesives at the bottom that will keep the cover in the exact place. So, it will not move even when your dog is biting or dragging it to remove it.

Key features:

  • There are 2 pockets where you can keep the necessary items.
  • As the cover is thick, it will not let light pass so easily and hence, promotes better sleep.
  • This comes in 4 sizes so that you can pick the one that matches the size of your kennel.

7. Amazon Basics 36″Dog Crate Kennel Cover

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Amazon Basics has already garnered popularity by creating the most affordable and products of the highest quality. This has a construction of polyester that makes it durable and will deal with the extreme behaviors of any pet. As this fully covers the crate, it will provide the pet will safety, privacy and also eradicate any cause of stress. Well, for cleaning, just wipe it simply with a damp cloth and keep it dirt-free.

Lastly, you will get a door for bringing your dog inside or help while exiting. Also, there is a mesh window to keep a check and allow the air to circulate.

Key features:

  • It is made for indoor use and that also in extreme conditions.
  • You can certainly use it to cover metal crates as well.
  • In case, you need another size, there are many sizes available.

6. Midwest Homes for Pets Store Dog Crate Cover

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Privacy of your pets remains intact when you use this heavy-duty dog crate cover. Not only high-end security but also comfort is kept in mind when the brand has constructed this. Any large-sized dogs a maximum of 42-inches can rest under it without any disturbance. This even allows entry and exit on the front, rear as well as side as there are plenty of doors.

However, there isn’t any risk of your dog tearing it apart as the hook and loops tightly secure it in place. It transforms the interior by mimicking a den-like atmosphere and your dog will feel extremely comfortable. This has a 100% polyester construction and it will not upset you by tearing apart when your dog is being naughty.

Key features:

  • The light gray color blocks the maximum amount of light and creates a dark comfortable environment for sleep.
  • Even if it is fully covered, there will be no lack of ventilation.
  • Throw it in your washing machine and it will come out clean.

5. Amazon Basics Crate Cover for Small Animal Metal Pet Cage

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This is certainly a small-sized cover that will totally cover-up the crate. Your pet will not feel claustrophobic inside it as the brand makes good use of space. Having a user-friendly design, your pet will feel safe and comfortable inside it. Moreover, it is great for eliminating any sort of stress from your pet’s life.

It has a black polyester construction that is known for longevity and will endure any aggressive reactions. This even helps in spot cleaning just by the use of a damp cloth.

Key features:

  • The 1-year warranty will help you replace or exchange faulty products.
  • Weighing 2.21-pounds, this will feel light whenever you are handling this.
  • You can put it on metal cages and there won’t be any creases.

4. Yotache Waterproof & Windproof Pet Kennel Covers

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Let’s start with the material of this dog crate cover design. It has a construction of high-density 600D polyester that makes it environmental-friendly and safe for the environment. Plus, it is free of any toxic elements that can harm any pet. Being both water-resistant as well as strong enough for dealing with wind, this is safe in every sense.

As a matter of fact, this has an inner PVC coating that lets the air pass and keeps the place ventilated. It even features hooks at the bottom that aren’t flimsy. And so will strong keep the cover in position.

Key features:

  • The mesh window will let you see inside through it, keep bugs away and facilitate air circulation.
  • There is a thick metal zipper that will not break off even if you slide it with utmost strength.
  • This is one such product that you can trust for both indoor as well as outdoor use.

3. TOPEIUS 42″ Dog Crate Cover Cage Cover

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If you are looking for a cage cover, then look no further as this option will meet your requirements. This has a construction of 600D polyester that is unbelievably strong and has immense elasticity. It will even remain wrinkle-free and will not get tears caused by creases. Next, there isn’t any chance of mold formation as well when you are using this.

Having a waterproof coating on the exterior will repel any sort of fluids including oil. With a hook and loop strip, the crate will remain in the exact position you have left.

 Key features:

  • The side net cover will stop the mosquitoes and other insects from attacking your pet.
  • Its open bottom design makes it easy for any individual to use it.
  • Before it is sent for selling, the brand makes the products go through a strict inspection.

2. X-ZONE PET Double Door Dog Crate Cover

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Another option that your pets can put their trust in, this 420D polyester cover has an added PVC coating. As a result, you can rely on it for dealing with windy conditions, insects, and even annoying dust. Not only high in quality, but it also promises impeccable quality by making it tear-proof. Plus, water will not seep through it as it is waterproof.

However, to ensure that remains in the exact place, the corner Velcro does the magic. It will become to move the cover and so, your pet cannot mess it up. Finally, there are two entrance doors in which you can keep adjusting the visibility according to preferences.

Key features:

  • Create a private as well as cozy set-up inside.
  • This is lightweight so that you can keep using it on any occasion.
  • You get many different sizes from this brand in order to make good use of it.

1. Precision Pet Indoor/Outdoor Crate Cover for Size 6000 Crates Tan

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The top-most product deserves all the recognition. This jumbo-sized cover is made for the largest breeds out there. Having a construction of waterproof nylon canvas will keep everyone dry inside. Besides, the roll-up windows, as well as doors, will keep your pet cool and watch everything from inside. Not only has it have hassle-free access, this every makes the interior cool and well-ventilated.

Furthermore, this offers a tailored-fitting that will hug the crate and leave no grounds to complain. Having a 5.2-pounds weight, this will provide solid security to any pet.

Key features:

  • If you want a size smaller, then look for the sizes it is offering.
  • This will even keep your pet safe against the intense weather and harsh sunlight.

Your pets will never feel uncomfortable as these protective dog crate cover will be a safe haven for them. So, no more anxiety or external factors will hamper your dogs in any way.

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