Top 5 Best Corner Shower Caddies & Shower Organizers Reviews In 2020

A cluttered bathroom or shower doesn’t paint a very good picture. Why not save yourself the embarrassment by getting a storage unit that keeps everything organized? Such is the task of shower caddies. These shower storage units come in many different designs and sizes. But to save plenty of space, a corner shower caddy makes a perfect choice. Everyone wants to know the best corner shower caddies out there.

As said earlier on, corner shower caddies come in different designs and installation in different ways. You can choose between tension, freestanding, and wall-mounted corner shower caddies. A good shower caddy has adjustable height and shelves to fit in most showers and accommodate bathroom accessories of different sizes. Consider one that’s made of a durable material that can withstand wet conditions. Coated steel, stainless steel, aluminium, and plastic are some of the popular materials used. Start off your search by looking at our list of the best corner shower caddies.

Table of the Best Corner Shower Caddies

5. Tenby Living 3-Shelf Shower Organizer Caddie

Corner Shower Caddies

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Don’t want the hassles of having to install a corner shower caddy? This shower organizer might just be the perfect option for you. It comes in a freestanding design; one that can be relocated to any corner of your bathroom with ease. This shower caddy is fabricated from plastic to create a durable construction that’s resistant to mould, wear, and corrosion. The feet are adjustable to keep the caddy sturdy and you get 3 shelves to provide plenty of storage space. The height is adjustable from 24.1 to 28.15 inches to fit most showers and bathrooms. Holes are included on the shelves to help drain off the water.

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4. Twigz Bathroom Constant Tension Silver Shower Caddy Pole

Twigz Bathroom Constant Tension Shower Caddy Pole for Shampoo

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Those with sturdy bathroom ceilings might find this corner shower caddy a nice addition to their bathroom. It’s a tension caddy sporting a rust-resistant pole made of durable steel with a silver finish. The pole has a telescopic design that adjusts from 5 to 9 feet to fit most bathrooms. The tension remains constant at any length of the pole to provide uncompromised sturdiness. There are 4 storage baskets made of steel and sporting a mesh construction designed for improved drainage and ventilation. The pole has non-skid feet to help keep the caddy from sliding and protect your bathroom floor.

3. mDesign Bathroom Constant Tension Bronze Corner Shower Caddy

athroom Constant Tension Corner Shower Caddy

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This corner shower caddy is designed to maximize storage space and provide easy organization. It has the sturdiness, strength, and durability of steel construction. Finished with a bronze coating, you get a shower caddy that’s resistant to mould buildup, rust, and corrosion. This caddy makes use of a tension mechanism sporting an adjustable pole that extends from 5 to 9 feet to match bathrooms and showers of different sizes. The ends of the pole are fitted with plastic caps to create a protective, non-slip surface. This corner shower caddy has 4 storage baskets sporting graduated sizes. 2 hooks and a towel bar are included for extra storage.

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2. Hiendure 2 Tiers Wall Mounted Corner Shower Caddies

Hiendure 2 Tiers Wall Mounted Solid Brass Corner Shower Caddies

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Is your bathroom tight on space? Well, you might consider settling for this shower caddy. It’s designed to mount on the wall to save space and leave your bathroom floor clutter-free. It has a sturdy built made of solid brass and finished with oil bronze for improved resistance to rust, scratches, and corrosion. This shower caddy has 2 bucket shelves that provide plenty of storage space while adding a decorative touch in your bathroom. It’s reinforced with support bars that keep the shelves from tilting. 2 storage hooks are included at the base to help hang brushes and other bathroom accessories.

1. Stainless Steel & Aluminum Tension Shower Caddy with Adjustable Pole

Tension Shower Caddy, Adjustable Tension Pole, Stainless Steel and Anodized Aluminum

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This shower caddy takes durability and sturdiness to a whole new level. It has a high price tag to its name, which, thankfully, delivers as advertised. This is a tension caddy sporting a lightweight yet durable pole made of anodized aluminium. The pole adjusts from 6 to 9 feet to fit most showers and bathrooms. Fitted at the ends are plastic caps that protect your floor and ceiling. There are 3 wire-frame shelves made of rust-proof stainless steel. The shelves are adjustable to create more clearance for extra-tall bottles. Storage hooks, hangers, and holders are included to create more storage space.

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