Top 7 Best Adjustable Car Timing Lights for Sale Reviews In 2020

Gone are the days you needed two instruments to time your ride. For travellers, if you are adventurous and you like visiting new places every now and then getting the best inductive timing lights should be your priority. However, there is one big challenge when it comes to finding the best inductive timing light because every timing light in the market is termed as the best until you buy one and confirm for yourself. We saw a need to make the deciding job easier for you by going to the market and finding each important and unique feature that would make one product rank higher than the other.

Through our thorough research, we came up with a list of the Best Timing Lights for Car Reviews, and we have given as much information as you need to make a choice.

Table of the Best Adjustable Car Timing Lights

7. INNOVA 3551 Inductive Timing Light

Timing Lights

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If, as a traveller, all you are looking for is a durable, affordable and best performing timing light you should definitely go for the INNOVA 3551 Inductive Timing Light. This timing light’s Rotating barrel is slim giving a better aim at its timing mark and comes with a protective hand guard to enable one hand operation. Another plus is that it works with various ignition systems, it’s lightweight and has bright light to enable one to use it even in sunlight.

This inductive light also has a simple On/off button that you do not need to hold down and a detachable cable, metallic induction clamp, tough case, digital readouts and switch modes that are super easy to use

The INNOVA 3551 Inductive Timing Light is a necessity for all tune-up kits. Whatever your ignition system is, you will be surprised to see that it’s compatible with it. Purchasing the best timing light is important because a proper ignition system ensures maximum fuel economy by achieving the best engine performance.

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6. INNOVA 5568 Pro-Timing Lights with Tool Case

Timing Lights

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This Pro-timing Light is the professional choice to give a high-quality timing light. The timing light is made from a heavy-duty, ABS, shockproof housing with a moulded boot to give extra protection against the engine fan blades plus a backlit screen clear viewing in not so easy to see places. The INNOVA 5568 Pro-Timing Light has four functions digital readout, i.e., Tachometer that ranges from 249-9990 RPM, Advance Degrees ranging from 0-90 degrees, Dwell ranging from 0-189 degrees and Voltage between 10-16 volts. It also has detachable leads with a metallic inductive pickup, heavy-duty, shockproof housing, features a moulded boot offering extra protection against the fan blades and slim rotating barrel to provide better aim at the timing mark. You can never regret placing your money on it.

5. INNOVA 3568 Digital Timing Light

Timing Light

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If you want to do the timing yourself in your car, this is the timing gun for you. It’s easy to use, and the price is just right. This timing light does an excellent job. It is bright enough to use in sunlight. Hookup is simple, the clips provided are excellent, and there is just a simple push button to turn it on and off. The tachometer feature is great, and the before and after feature makes it super-easy to find the timing mark thus figuring out which way you actually need to go. Also, the multi-position head comes in handy when you need to sneak between a water pump and engine block.

It also has a Split-screen digital LCD readout displaying Advance functions and Tachometer simultaneously. Its rotating barrel is slim for better timing mark aim and works with various ignition systems. It’s all you need to have a smooth journey.

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4. Actron CP7527 Inductive Timing Light

Timing Light

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The Actron Inductive Timing Light is a perfect timing light to check the ignition timing thus maximizing the engine’s efficiency. It works efficiently, and it’s super easy to operate. It’s not sophisticated. All you do is follow the procedure outlined by your vehicle’s manufacturer then point and shoot! You then make your adjustment, and it just connects. The strobe has enough light to see your timing mark even in daylight. It’s simply an open-and-use item.

Has heat resistant timing light over moulding on battery clips, on/off one-touch control with any metallic inductive pickup, durable plated housing that has a super-bright xenon flash, and durable plated Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-styrene (ABS) housing?

3. Actron CP7528 Advance Timing Light

Timing Light

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The Actron CP7528 Advance Timing Light is a strobe light whose primary purpose is checking ignition timing, and it improves the engine’s efficiency. One significant advantage of this advance timing is the ADVANCE TIMING LIGHT feature. If your car must be set at a particular degree BTDC (Before Top Dead Center), then this is the timing light for you.

This timing light has heat resistant on battery clips with one-touch control, and Linear-Xenon flashed tube plus focused Fresnel lens that provides a bright light for use even during broad daylight. Its model inductive pickup clamps over the spark plug wire make the hookup easy and advance timing light for ADVANCE timing reading and accurate adjustment of the base. It also comes with a comprehensive but easy to follow user manual, it’s well-constructed and has long enough lead wires.

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2. Innova 3555 Advance Timing Light

Advance Timing Light

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The Innova Advance Timing Light has a direct reading advance dial, which adjusts from 0-60 degrees. This feature enables the user to check base timing, mechanical advance or retard, and electronic advance or retard applications. The timing light is compatible with various ignition systems, both computer and electronic control. The rotating barrel is slim, offering a better aim at the timing mark. Additional features include the detachable leads with a metallic inductive pickup, patented skip circuitry, and protective hand guard to allow a one-hand operation.

1. OTC 3367 Professional Digital Timing Light

Digital Timing Light

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This OTC Professional Digital Timing Light is equipped with advanced features with a bright LED screen plus mode indicator lights. The unique features include the Microprocessor-controlled circuitry, unique flashlight, up and down scroll buttons. It also includes all metallic inductive pickup, detachable leads with a positive twist lock connector, super-bright Xenon flash, one-touch control, blow-moulded case and heat resistant over moulding on battery clips. If you need to know which way to go, then this is the device for you. It doesn’t matter how bright the sunlight is, you can always see the direction to take.

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