Top 10 Best Car Jack Stands Reviews In 2020

Although you need many tools to maintain your car, a stand Jack is probably the most important tool that you must have in your toolkit. A high-quality jack stand will assist you working under your car safely. This jack comes with an adjustable height feature that will hold the car into place as it offers strong automatic stop that prevents your car from falling. Instead of relying on your hydraulic jack, only you can use this jack as added security giving you peace of mind when working under the car. Today there is literally hundreds of jack stands on the market, and one may get confused easily when it comes to picking the right choice. We have made work easier for you by going through the internet and getting the best-rated products and giving a short review. Go through each model and compare the features before selecting the best model.

Table of the Best Car Jack Stands Reviews

10. Torin T42002, 2-Ton Jack Stands

Jack Stands

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Torin T42002 offers impressive functionality since they are constructed using high-quality steel grade. This jack comes in one pair meaning that you can use them on either side for better stability. Most of the individuals who have already purchased them are happy with the large saddle area that gives better contact with the load being supported. These 2-ton jacks also feature welded frame design for extra durability.

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9. Torin T43006 SUV 3-Ton Jack Stands

Torin T43006 SUV Jack Stands

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These impressive stand jacks have the capacity to lift up to three tons. They are sold as a pair of two heavy-duty steel jacks at a reasonable price. The jacks are constructed using high-quality materials ensuring great functionality and durability. The ends that meet your car are well padded with rubber materials to ensure that they will never scratch your car. Additionally, these jacks feature quick adjustment mechanism, making them easy to use.

8. Torin T43002 – 3-Ton Jack Stands

Torin T43002 Jack Stands

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If you are looking for an affordable, easy to use and high performing jack stands for your SUV or light truck, then the Torin T43002 stands are a perfect choice. They come in a pair and have the capability of lifting up to 3 tons. To make the lifting work easier, these jacks come with easy adjustment system and a single piece self-locking forged iron ratchet that helps you to make precise adjustments easily.

7. Torin T43002A 3-Ton Double Locking Jack Stands

Double Locking Jack Stands

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The Torin T43002A features the painted double lock mechanism and a safety pin design that adds extra safety when working under your car. These double locking jacks also come with a wide base that provides better support to the load and rubber contact ends that will never scratch the car. The jacks are also constructed using high-quality materials that ensure supreme performance and durability.

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6. Performance Tool W41022 3-Jack Stand Set

3 Ton Heavy Duty Jack Stand Set

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Although these stands are made using high-quality steel, they are very easy to carry. The product also comes with a tripod base that will never slip ensuring that you are completely safe when doing the repairs. Additionally, the stand is compact and easy to use making them ideal for individuals who need to service their cars, SUV and light trucks at the comfort of their homes. The jacks are extremely easy to adjust and have a height of 12 inches and are adjustable to reach the height of 17.25 inches.

5. Camco 44561 Olympian Aluminum Stack Jack Stand

Aluminum Stack Jack Stand

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Aluminium is one of the most preferred metals when it comes to construction of jack stands because of various reasons. This it is lighter than steel, but it will still have the capacity to give the same sturdiness as the steel counterparts. If you are looking for a simple to use the jack that you can carry along every time, then the Camco 44561 is your best bet. Each Jack has the ability to support the weight of up to three tons easily. Another impressive feature that comes with this model is that they have a simple adjustment mechanism, so lifting your car will not be a problem.

4. Torin T46002A 6-Ton Double Locking Jack Stands

Double Locking Jack Stands

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For those who are looking for sturdier jack stands for multipurpose use, the Torin T46002A 6 Ton jacks will not disappoint you. They are constructed using high-quality steel ensuring impressive functionality. These stands also come with innovative double lock technology that features a safety pin that enhances your safety when working under your vehicle. Other great features that come with this product are welded foot-pads that resist sinking into the ground.

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3. ESCO 10498 Jack Stand – 3-Ton Capacity

ESCO 10498 Jack Stand

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ESCO offers you with impressive jack stands that support a maximum load of 3 tons, making them ideal for cars, SUV, and light trucks. These jacks come in a thick and durable construction making them ideal for repeated use. Unlike other steel models on the market, these stands are lightweight and compact enough to fit in your car trunk easily. Additionally, the ratcheting arm ensures that you can make the adjustments easily while the A-shaped frame provides extra strength.

2. Powerzone 380037 6 Ton Steel Jack Stand – 1 Pair

6 Ton Steel Jack Stand

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Sold in pairs, these 6 tons stands are one of the best performing jack stands on the market. They feature a great design that is not only sturdy but also easy to use. These tools have the capacity of supporting six tons each making them ideal for handling all cars, light to medium size trucks and the heaviest SUVs available. The model is able to withstand a lot of weight because they are made from high-quality materials and features a wider base with fewer cutouts. Additionally, these jacks feature a simple locking bar that ensures that you are safe when working under the car.

1. Torin T41202 Stands – 12 Ton

Torin T41202 Jack Stands

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The Torin T41202 jack is not only the most affordable Jack in this category but also a very reliable tool. The stands are made using durable steel that withstands repeated use comfortably. For more stability, these tools come with a multi-position locking system as well as a sturdy base that ensures that they remain in place without shifting. The base has welded footplates to avoid sinking. Additionally, these stands come with a Y-shaped end that ensures that the load remains in place without shifting.

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