Best Full Face Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets Reviews In 2021

If you are looking to have a unique experience while riding on your bike, then you can make use of Modular Bluetooth motorcycle helmets. It comes with multiple features so that you can have comfort and convenience. With it, there will be a hands-free experience, and it can operate from a wide range. A Bluetooth motorcycle helmet lets you receive calls and signals, and you can even listen to music. It is easy to use, and you can select from different designs. Check out the following list of the top best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets.

Table of the Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets Reviews

10. ILM Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet with Sun Shield Mp3 Intercom

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

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Riding with safety is of utmost importance. When you are driving, there are some important calls that you tend to skip. For the same reason, here is the product that serves both purposes. You get to ride with safety along with attending calls without using hands. Moreover, this Bluetooth enabled product is also waterproof. The microfiber liner is easily washable.

There are also adjustable vents that can be done as per requirement. With one touch, you can control calls. Furthermore, there are also dual full sound speakers. The echo cancellation technology and noise reduction allow high-quality voice even when driving at high speed.


  • Custom usage due to the adjustable vents.
  • Better safety and DSP echo cancellation technology.
  • Ability to operate from a range of 1000 feet.

9. ILM Full Face Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet – Modular Flip up Dual Visor Mp3 Intercom FM Radio

ILM Full Face Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

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Built with a heavy ABS shell with a visor, adjustable liners, and ventilation, the product is great for riders. This Bluetooth motorcycle helmet ensures safety as well as connectivity while you are on the road. Moreover, it also has an intercom system with pairing with three riders. If you are in a group riding activity and want to remain connected, it is the best gadget.

The product runs on 8 hr intercom and 12 hrs phone talk time once fully charged. Furthermore, if the Bluetooth mode is not in use for long hours, it automatically enters into sleep mode.

You can also answer or reject calls, listen to FM radio and GPS navigation as well.


  • Operates from a range of 500 meters.
  • Includes a built-in speaker for superior sound.
  • Comes with a dual visor and intercom system.

8. FreedConn Modular Motorcycle Helmet with Bluetooth 3.0

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Meeting all the safety standards, here is the best product while having your riding sessions. You can communicate with 2 or 3 riders pairing with a max range of 1640 ft. This way, you can follow the safety protocol as well as remain connected. Moreover, Bluetooth allows you to control calls, listen to music, and GPS navigation, making riding very easy and convenient.

The product comes with two built-in stereo sound speakers. The advanced technology reduces any noises and echoes, letting you speak and hear crystal clear voices.  Furthermore, it also comes with long battery life. The inner liners are washable and are adjustable. The product provides great talk-time once fully charged.


  • Available in a stylish design.
  • Noise suppression technology for crystal clear sound.
  • Easy to use and long battery life.

7. TORC T15B Bluetooth Integrated Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

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This race-inspired product is a must if you are a regular rider. This is because it provides you with ultimate safety and lets you remain connected with Bluetooth technology. Moreover, it has a built-in spoiler, reducing the wind buffeting and allowing clear voice stability at a higher speed. It also provides proper air ventilation to the rider.

The face shield is scratch-resistant and is also fog proof. This allows for clear visibility. Furthermore, the inner padding is very comfortable. They are easily removable, washed, and adjusted as needed. You also get a visor that can be drop-down or up when required.


  • Built-in spoiler to prevent wind buffeting.
  • Better stability and durable design.
  • Thick inner padding for enhanced comfort.

6. FreedConn DOT Full Face Bluetooth Helmets Motorcycle

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This fantastic product has water-resistant paint that would not fade away with the heaviest of rainfall. This microfiber liner is removable and washable. It is also very lightweight and comes in 5 size variations. Moreover, the Bluetooth enabled has advanced noise control technology.  The product also supports Bluetooth connectivity with three riders.

But only two can talk at once within the 500 m range. Furthermore, it also has six air vents for proper ventilation. This will let you have a comfortable and breathable wearing experience. If the Bluetooth is not in use for a longer time, the Bluetooth mode will automatically enter sleep mode.


  • Provides a hands-free experience for user convenience.
  • Optimal comfort with lightweight design.
  • Durable design and suitable for everyday purposes.

5. FreedConn DOT Full Face Motorcycle Helmet with Bluetooth

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On the long run drives, you need to take care of full safety and get connected to your co-riders. This product allows you to remain connected to 3 riders and can be in intercom with only one within range of 1640 ft. Moreover, the one-button control allows you to receive and reject calls, listen to FM radio, and GPS voice navigation.

The built-in speaker and microphone let you have clear voice instructions.  You can connect to the mobile phone and control the setting with just a button. Furthermore, the product is waterproof and has adjustable vents. It also has a washable liner and a changeable battery. Wake up the Bluetooth enabled product from sleep mode after charging for half an hour.


  • Available in a multifunctional design.
  • Feature of noise suppression technology.
  • Safe to use and powerful battery.

4. AHR Run-B Bluetooth Motorcycle Modular Helmet with Wireless Headset Hands

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Comfortable padded and cushioned Bluetooth motorcycle helmet provides hands-free communication while riding. This ensures entertainment while you’re on the go. Moreover, the lightweight ABS shell offers durability and safe riding. It also has great Bluetooth connectivity allowing three riders to pair and two can talk at a time.

If the Bluetooth is not in use for a longer duration, it sets back in sleep mode. Connect the product with any smartphone or MP3 and enjoy listening to music. Furthermore, you can also control music and calls. It also supports GPS and fits almost most head circumference. The comfortable pads are easily removable and are washable.


  • Comes with the feature of noise control.
  • User comfort with the advanced ventilation system.
  • Allows having hassle-free usage.

3. Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Modular Helmet

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This fantastic product is an ideal solution for riders and has exceeded all safety standard limits. Moreover, it has a lockable drop-down visor technology that is smooth and convenient. The Thermo polymer frame is hard and sturdy, avoiding any accidental mishap. It also has a removable liner, and you can machine wash it.

The Bluetooth connectivity helps in remaining connected with the rider partners. In fact, three riders can pair at a time, but only two can connect with the intercom system. Furthermore, the inside pad is comfortable. The one-button call accepting and rejecting makes provides hands-free connectivity. You tend to remain entertained while driving with FM radio and phone music.


  • Includes a fully removable inner liner.
  • High-quality material for long-lasting use.
  • Integrated Bluetooth shell and smooth visor system.

2. MAMAO Anti-Fog Double Visor Modular Motorbike Locomotive Helmet 

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Here is the product that allows you to connect to Bluetooth, entertain you, and take calls while you are riding your bike. The built-in superior stereo speakers allow good music on the go. It also takes calls automatically, making the whole process hands free. It switches between music and calls effortlessly. Moreover, the highest grade interior lining is removable and washable.

The air ventilation is great and allows breathability to the rider. Furthermore, with stylish looks in design, it also provides a high standard of safety levels. It also meets professional safety standards best suited for sports bikes and scooters. The interior is sweat proof, and the face shield is anti-fog, allowing easy driving.


  • Comes with a removable lining for having easy cleaning.
  • Breathable design for enhanced comfort.
  • Stylish appearance and safe to use.

1. HJC i90 Sena Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet With Headset

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Looking for a product that allows you to listen to music, take calls, and talk to your co-rider while you are riding? Well, here is the Bluetooth motorcycle helmet that lets you do all. Yes, the multi-purpose product entertains you with inbuilt radio and allows switching to calls seamlessly. Moreover, the stereo speakers with noise cancellation technology provide clear communication.

The one-touch integrated system does not divert the rider’s mind and allows smooth driving. The Bluetooth enabled product allows pairing up to 3 riders, and two riders can talk at a time. Furthermore, the soft padded liners are removable and are machine washable.


  • Allows choosing from different colors.
  • Easy to use with a one-touch design.
  • Maximum comfort and lightweight construction.


While buying a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, you will have to see if it has high-quality construction. You can see if it lets you use it for a long time and can protect when there is any collision. Always see if it lets you have better comfort and available in a breathable design. You need to invest in the one that offers you a perfect fit. Look at the Bluetooth range, and it must include other important features for your convenience.

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