Best Bento Lunch Boxes for Kids & Adults Reviews In 2021

Time spend on cooking is becoming more and more limited. And as life becomes busier, a lot of people opt to buy lunch from outside. But as convenient as it sounds, you’ll often find yourself sacrificing your dietary balance. Well, there’s a way to keep yourself off those unhealthy fast foods. What you need is a lunch box, Bento lunch boxes in particular. There are several things that make this lunch box stand out. It’s mess-free and preserves food longer. Not to mention, it has multiple compartments that help size down the portion of the food you eat. So, eating a more balanced diet is possible with this lunch box. But then, do you know your options when it comes to the best bento lunch boxes?

In this article, we give a roundup of the top best bento lunch boxes. By the way, all the options below come in budget-friendly value packs. That means you get multiple containers without putting a dent in your pocket. Welcome and let’s help you find that perfect bento lunch box for you and your family.

Table of the Best Bento Lunch Boxes Reviews

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10. Bentgo Kids Children’s Bento Lunch Boxes

Bento Lunch Boxes

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Durability is possibly the topmost feature of a good lunch box. Well, this lunch box has tough plastic construction. Hence, it can withstand a few tumbles. Not to mention, this is BPA-free plastic. As a result, it doesn’t affect the taste and flavour of the food. What is more, it’s temperature-resistant for safe use in the microwave. The box has five compartments that hold different dishes. The lid seals tight, keeping all sections leak-free. Overall, Bentgo meets all the criteria of a decent lunch box. For the most part, it makes an ideal choice for kids between 3 to 7 years.

Special Features

  • Kid-friendly latches make it easy to open and shut the box
  • Rubber lining minimizes impact in case of drops
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Removable compartments for easy cleaning

9. LUCENTEE Bento Lunch Boxes & Plastic Food Storage Container Boxes for Kids & Adults

LUCENTEE Bento Lunch Boxes & Plastic Food Storage Container Boxes for Kids & Adults

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This Bento lunch box is an excellent choice for the budget. Besides, it comprises 7 containers in one set. Hence, it can accommodate several kids. Each box has three sections – one big and two smaller. The BPA-free plastic used for the containers is quite durable. For instance, you can use in a microwave, oven or freezer. Not to mention, they’re dishwasher safe for hassle-free cleaning. The containers come with colourful and leak-proof snap-on lids. In general, these are high-quality lunch boxes at a great price point. Plus, it’s an ideal set that can cater to the needs of the whole family.

Special features

  • Temperature-resistant up to 248°F
  • Large capacity (1150ml) is ideal for kids as well as grownups
  • Different bright-coloured lids

8. PIXI Creations Adult & Kids’ Lunch Box

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This lunch box offers more compartments. Each box has 6 compartments. Hence, it can hold multiple dishes, including eating utensils. The durable plastic makes the lunch box sturdy. Thus, it can last year after years without falling apart. Apart from that, the lunch box has double walls. As a result, it maintains the temperature and flavour of the food for longer. Furthermore, it offers zero chance of leaking. It feels safe, both in the microwave or freezer. Keep in mind; this lunch box is ideal for kids from age 7.

Special Features

  • Accommodates large portions (3.3 cups overall) for growing appetites
  • Bonus fork and spoon
  • Offers one of the best leak-proof performance

7. Caleb Company Adults & Kids Bento Lunch Box – Meal Prep Containers

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This set of 3 bento lunch boxes each hold 39 ounces. Hence, it can easily accommodate lunch for the entire family. The containers have leak-proof snap-on lids that keep food fresh. One large and two small compartments make it easy to customize your lunches. For instance, you can remove one compartment to create more room. This lunch box can withstand temperatures of between -4 to 248 degrees. As a result, it’s safe in the freezer and microwave. Also, you can put in the dishwasher for hassle-free cleaning.

Special Features

  • Textured edge keeps the bottom from sliding
  • Self-sealing lids make it ideal for liquids
  • Two-colour options (Blue and pink)

6. Kinsho School Bentobox Containers for Kids & Adults

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Kinsho is exceptionally leak-proof. As a matter of fact, this box has passed all leak tests. Indeed, this is one feature that sets it apart from most lunch boxes. Moreover, it has a double-wall construction to keep food warm and juicy. The extra-tight seal, for the most part, can be a bit difficult to open for a toddler. Nonetheless, opening the container gets easier over time.

Not to mention, this is a box for kids aged 7 and above. The box has 6 compartments. Thus, it’s excellent for controlling portions, both for kids and adults. By the way, each container holds 1000ml or a total of 4 cups of food.

Special Features

  • Individually sealed sections
  • Rubber overlay gives a secure grip
  • Insulated walls keep the temperature of the food for longer
  • Bonus ebook for 60 award-winning bento recipes

5. Bizz  Portable Travel Bento Lunch Boxes with Utensils

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Bizz travel lunch box boasts one of the highest-quality materials. It has a strong plastic that resists odour, stain, and mildew. Apart from that, it has rubber-coated edges. Hence, it’s less likely to crack if you drop by accident. Besides, this lunch box is the right size to stick in a lunch tote or backpack. As a matter of fact, it holds 30oz, making it more compact than most models.

Snap-on leak-proof lids keep food warm, fresh, and delicious. The trays are as safe in the microwave as they are in the dishwasher. Unlike most lunch boxes, each piece in the set has a different number of compartments. One has 5 while the other has 4 compartments.

Special Features

  • Includes reusable plastic fork and spoon
  • Stackable to save storage space
  • Kid (ages 4 and above) and adult-friendly
  • FDA-approved

4. Prep Naturals Bento Box Containers & Glass Food Storage Containers with Lids

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If plastic boxes don’t impress you, then you might want to look into glass lunch boxes. This bento lunch box, in particular, is free from chemicals and lasts longer than plastic counterparts. Since glass can be pretty heavy, this box is suitable for teenagers and older kids. It’s incredibly durable and resistant to temperature. Not only is it dishwasher safe, but can also go in the microwave, freezer, or oven. Each box has 3 compartments. Not to mention, you can easily stack together for storage.

Special Features

  • The lid has built-in storage for cutlery
  • High-strength borosilicate glass is resistant to breaks and cracks
  • SmartLock technology for leak-free transportation

3. East World Bento Box Meal Prep & Food Storage Containers

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East World bento box naturally works as an adult lunch box. However, it has both small and large sections that make it ideal for kids and toddlers. Altogether, it has 6 compartments that hold up to 3.5 cups of food. Among these is a long section for cutlery. The box is safe to put in the freezer or microwave. Though it’s dishwasher safe, hand washing the lid will help improve longevity.

Also, this bento lunch box comes with a lunch bag for easy transportation. Besides, the bag has a mesh pouch for other items. Apart from that, the set includes a reusable fork and spoon.

Special Features

  • Insulated lunch bag and cold pack keep food fresh and chilled all-day
  • Soup-safe leak-proof seal

2. Original BentoHeaven Leakproof Lunch Boxes with Lunch Bag

Original BentoHeaven Leakproof Bento Lunch Boxes with Lunch Bag

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This particular lunch box has the look of a high-end model. Indeed, it’s one lunch box that will look great on your desk. Surprising enough, it comes at a budget-friendly price. The modern, sophisticated look makes it both stylish and functional. The box gives an airtight, leak-proof seal to keep your food fresh. You can throw in the dishwasher come washing time.

Likewise, you can put in the freezer or microwave to heat or preserve before serving. The set includes two containers, each holding 20 ounces. Furthermore, it comes with chopsticks and cutlery.

Special Features

  • Vented lids help reduce heating time
  • Glossy surface and rounded corners make cleaning easier
  • Bonus lunch box notes
  • Two-colour variants (Bamboo White and Bamboo Black)

1. OmieBox Insulated Bento Lunch Box for Kids

OmieBox Insulated Bento Lunch Boxes for Kids

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OmieBox is a smart bento box, and for a good reason. Unlike most lunch boxes, it packs food in different temperature zones. More importantly, it can keep food warm for up to 4 hours. The box has a built-in handle for easy carrying. Hence, there’s no need for a separate lunch box bag. This lunch box has an insulated thermos jar for warm foods. Apart from that, it has 3 air-insulated food compartments for this like fruits and vegetables. Better still, it has a blank space should you want to put a name tag. Also, the rubber seals are removable for thorough cleaning.

Special Features

  • Heavy-duty impact-resistant construction
  • Food-grade stainless steel thermos insert for hot and cold food
  • Two temperature zones in one lunch box

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