10 Best Bento Lunch Boxes for Kids & Adults Reviews In 2018

We all want Bento lunch boxes that make packing food fast, one that won’t leach toxins into the food, one that keeps your food cool if needed, and of course, one that’s loved by kids. The safest choice is a lunch box, an insulated lunch bag, or a bento box that’s not just free from BPA, but also free from PVC and lead.

Originally from Japan, bento boxes are multi-functional lunch containers that are traditionally used as take-out meal boxes for Japanese cuisine. However, these boxes have become increasingly popular in every corner of the world mainly because of their efficiency and convenience in portioning and storing foods in a compact and portable way. These boxes come in different sizes, shapes, and designs. They are beautifully adorned and come in different fun colors that are loved by kids. So, change up your child’s daily lunch with this fun and safe top bento boxes for kids.

Table of the Best Bento Lunch Boxes Reviews

10. Meal Prep Containers – Stackable Plastic Microwavable Dishwasher Safe Reusable

Bento Lunch Boxes

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Made of safe polypropylene, these lunch containers and their lids are both heat and cold resistant. The thick walls help keep hot items hot and cold items cold. The containers are microwavable and easy to stack in coolers and picnic baskets. They are reusable, dishwasher-safe, and can withstand temperatures of up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. The lids seal tightly to keep your food fresh.

9. Compartment Microwave Safe Food Container with Lid/Bento Lunch Boxes

Bento Lunch Boxes

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This container features three compartments with capacities of eight ounces, eight ounces, and sixteen ounces. The snap-lock polypropylene lid seals tightly to keep your food fresh inside the container. The container is freezer safe, microwave safe, dishwasher safe and leak-proof. It’s also BPA free and can withstand temperatures up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

8. Peanuts Snoopy Design Reusable Bento Box Lunch Bag

Bento Box Lunch Bag

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Perfect for snoopy dog’s lovers, this lunch bag is well made and features cute and unique cartoons of Snoopy dog and other members of the dog’s family. It’s well insulated and has a zippered top to keep food fresh and hot for a long period of time. The bag can fit a good size of lunch, enough for your kid.

7. Japanese Traditional Rabbit Moon Bento Lunch Boxes

Japanese Traditional Rabbit Moon Bento Box Set

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This little blue lunch box is so adorable and comes with a little cute protection bag with similar rabbit moon pattern. Though not waterproof, the box comes with a strap that keeps it closed securely. The lid shuts tightly and the size is perfect for any kid. It comes with chopsticks that may seem tiny at first, but are just as easy to use the ones with regular length.

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6. monbentoTM MB Original Bento Box

Bento Box

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Organize your kid’s lunch with this original Bento box from Monbento. The high-quality BPA-free construction allows you to use the boxes daily without having to worry about them falling apart fast. Each 500ml container comes with an airtight lid and can be used in a microwave for up to three minutes at a time. The adjustable food cup allows you to separate your food and can fit neatly into either container. It also comes with an elastic band to help keep the containers neatly stacked on top of each other.

5. Bentgo Ice Lunch Chillers – Ultra-thin Ice Packs

Bentgo Ice Lunch Chillers

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These lunch chillers are ideal for anyone who carries lunch to school or work. They are very thin, so they won’t take up a lot of room in a lunch box or cooler. Their thin nature also makes them freeze very fast. These lunch chillers are lightweight and can keep your food cold for several hours.

4. OSK Japanese Traditional Rabbit Moon

Japanese Traditional Rabbit Moon Bento Box Set,

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With a capacity of 620ml, this little red bento box is perfect for someone who doesn’t eat much or one knows how to get full with a small amount of food. The chopsticks included are a little smaller but they still work well and even have a little storage place in one of the inner lids.

3. Skater KSX2-Blue3680 Japanese 2-Tier Bento Lunch Box with Belt

Bento Lunch Box

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This bento box is both cute and functional. The bottom tier is perfect for packing a perfect serving of rice. On the other hand, the top tier comes with a divider and is a little bit more spacious so that you can fill it with small snacks or items to mix with the rice.

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2. Zojirushi Classic Bento Vacuum Lunch Jar

Classic Bento Vacuum Lunch

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This Bento lunch jar comes with three microwaveable inner bowls, chopsticks, a forked spoon, protective cover and a carrying strap. The container is made of stainless steel for excellent heat retention and features vacuum insulation to help keep food hot or cold for long.

1. Kotobuki 2-Tiered Bento Box, Brown/Red Cherry (Sakura) Blossom

Kotobuki 2-Tiered Bento Box

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This beautiful 2-tiered bento box features dark brown wood construction with small delicate cherry blossom petals on the top. The top and bottom compartments are microwave and dishwasher safe, while the inner lid is not microwaved safe and should be hand-washed. The top compartment features press-on lid to help prevent spills.

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