Best Beer Keg Refrigerators & Coolers for Sale Reviews In 2021

Alcoholic beverages that come in barrels are among the most loved across the world. And if you’re the kind of person that stocks kegs of beers, then a keg refrigerator is a must-have appliance. For the most part, it keeps your beer fresher for longer. Not to mention, it dispenses beer in a comfortable, hassle-free way. Above all, it enables you to choose a storing temperature that is ideal for a specific drink. Indeed, there are a ton of reasons that make it an indispensable tool for beer lovers. Finding keg coolers is quite easy. But, zeroing in on the best keg refrigerators can be a daunting task.

Primarily, you need a kegerator that is efficient, and with precise temperature controls. Better still, it needs to be durable and easy to install. Having said that, here are the Best kegerators on the market.

Table of the Best Keg Refrigerators Reviews

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10. EdgeStar KC2000 Full-Size Keg Kegerator and Beer Cooler

Keg Refrigerators

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EdgeStar is among the leading brands of keg refrigerators. The KC2000, one of its newest models, boasts an impressive design with a host of features. First, the door looks like it’s been hollowed out a bit. As a result, it offers plenty of space to fit standard 1/2 and 1/4 kegs. Even then, the unit measures approximately 20 inches wide and 20 inches deep. Hence, it’s an incredibly huge asset if you don’t have much room.

As a matter of fact, it’s slimmer than a standard kegerator. The CO2 cylinder is fitted outside, to free more interior space. Not to mention, it makes it possible to check the pressure without opening the kegerator. The temperature cranks to as low as 34 degrees for that perfect ice-cold beer.

Special Features

  • Available in standard all-black or with a stainless steel door
  • High-quality casters allow for effortless movement
  • Guardrail keeps glasses from sliding off onto the floor
  • Precision temperature control that ranges from low 30’s to mid 40’s

9. Kegco K309SS-2 Beer Keg

Kegco K309SS-2 Beer Keg

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This is one efficient, good-looking kegerator. The matte black cabinet and stainless steel door make it extremely attractive. Push-button controls and digital temperature display make it easier to select the temperature. Also, this beer cooler has the widest temperature range of between 32 to 75 degrees. Additionally, it has ample storage. It can fit 1/2 barrel full-sized kegs (15.5 gallons), 1/4 barrel pony kegs (7.75 gallons), and 1/6 barrel kegs (5 gallons).

Hence, this is one unit that can dispense more than one beer at a time. This kegerator has two adjustable shelves to convert it into a refrigerator. Furthermore, it has locking casters that make it easy to wheel it around.

Special Features

  • Forced-fan cooling system keeps the interior temperature constant and uniform
  • Deep chill feature cools the keg in a very short time
  • Built-in drip tray for easy cleanup

8. Kegerator Beer Dispenser with Tap Towers & Atosa Commercial Keg Cooler Refrigerators

Kegerator Beer Dispenser with Tap Towers & Atosa Commercial Keg Cooler Refrigerators

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Atosa MKC58 is easily one of the best commercial keg refrigerators. Overall, it has 17.3 cubic feet of storage. Despite the large size, this unit uses up to 40% less energy, thanks to the variable compressor system. Not to mention, the level of noise and vibrations are significantly lower. Though it weighs around 200 pounds, it has wheels that make it easy to whisk away.

The unit uses environmentally-friendly R290 refrigerant. A digital temperature control, on the other hand, adjusts from between 32 to 50 degree with ease.

Special Features

  • The double-tap tower accommodates tall glasses and allows you to tap more than one beer
  • Self-closing locking doors keep your stock safe
  • Interior LED lights
  • Durable stainless steel construction

7. SMETA Freestanding Stainless steel Kegerator Draft Beer Dispenser

SMETA Freestanding Stainless steel Kegerator Draft Beer Dispenser

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SMETA keg refrigerator is a versatile choice for both home and commercial use. The stainless steel door not only makes it stand out, but it’s also reversible. Hence, you can set the door to open from the right or left side. The interior has 4.9 cubic feet of space. For the most part, it can hold 1/8, 1/6, 1/4, and 1/2 kegs. An adjustable thermostat makes it possible to dispense beer at its ideal temperature.

This can be from as low as 6 to as high as 45°F. And like most units out there, it has two shelves that convert it to a refrigerator. Keep in mind; this unit includes all the necessary draft beer equipment.

Special Features

  • External CO2 tank requires fewer refills
  • Spring-loaded tap allows for hassle-free dispensing
  • Available in single-tap and dual-tap tower

6. Smad Beer Kegerator Refrigerator Draft Beer Dispenser for Home Party

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This high-performance keg refrigerator is an excellent choice for chilling and preserving beer. It’s a high-capacity unit, boasting 4.9 cubic feet of storage. For this reason, it can serve both home and commercial use. Besides, it creates plenty of space for standard keg sizes of 1/2 to 1/8. A reversible steel door ensures nothing comes in your way when opening the door.

Not to mention, it blends well with the all-black matter cabinet. A high-performance thermostat preserves beer from between 36 to 45 degree. By the way, this unit is available in A single tap or dual tap versions.

Special Features

  • Includes energy guide
  • External tank makes frees up interior space and makes it easy to check the pressure
  • Adjustable legs allow it to sit level on uneven surfaces
  • Recessed handle for effortless opening

5. EdgeStar KC1000SS Craft Brew Kegerator for Barrel and Cornelius Kegs

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KC1000SS is among the most compact keg refrigerators. For this reason, it makes a perfect fit for a 1/6 barrel or the Cornelius keg. Despite the small size, this unit has everything you need for storing and dispensing beer. And thanks to the internal circulation fan, it can chill the beer to as low as 32 degrees. A solid stainless steel door gives this keg refrigerator a sleek and modern look.

Thus, it can complement any room decor. Also, the unit has a drip tray that keeps it free of unwanted overflows. This beer cooler is not compatible with casters. Nonetheless, the lightweight construction (63 pounds) makes it pretty easy to move.

Special Features

  • Stylish blue LED lights to illuminate the interior
  • Integrated lock keeps your beer safe
  • Super compact size allows it to fit on a countertop

4. Kegco HBK209B-2 Outdoor Keg Dispenser

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A powerful cooling system and ample storage put this keg refrigerator in a league of its own. For the most part, it can fit up to three 5-gallon kegs. Not to mention, it has two faucets that allow you to tap two kegs. The energy-efficient cooling system keeps your beer cooler for longer. Also, you can conveniently adjust the temperature from 35 to 42 degrees. There are two adjustable shelves, larger enough to hold 2-gallon bottles.

The stainless steel floor mat adds more durability. Besides, it distributes weight evenly. Furthermore, it allows the kegs to slide in and out of the cabinet easily. Overall, this unit is ideal for those seeking a long-lasting keg refrigerator.

Special Features

  • The energy-efficient cooling system uses up to 25% less energy
  • Dual gauge regulator allows you to achieve two pressures at the same time
  • High-quality UL-approved components

3. Kegco K309B-1 Keg Beer Dispenser

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The matte-black finish makes this unit a stylish addition to your interior space. Instead of mechanical thermostats, it uses digital temperature control. As a result, it’s far more superior when it comes to accurate temperature control. Not to mention, it maintains the desired temperature with extreme precision. Apart from that, it works down to a remarkable 32 degrees to maintain truly ice-cold beer.

Nonetheless, the unit has an average temperature range of 35 to 42 degrees. This unit has ample space for various full-sized kegs or several smaller kegs. It can fit the full-sized barrel, half barrels, and ponies. Alternatively, it can fit up to three 5-gallon Cornelius kegs.

Special Features

  • The durable bullet-proof aluminium tank
  • Thermoplastic vinyl fittings resist swelling and cracking
  • The commercial-grade coupler is compatible with all domestic kegs

2. SMETA Dual Tap Tower Keg Beer Cooler

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This beer cooler offers amazing features at an affordable price. First, it allows you to dispense up to two beers at the same time. The generous interior offers ample storage, even for a full-size keg. Plus, it can fit up to three 5-gallon Cornelius kegs. Not only does this unit provide ample room, but it’s also versatile enough to double as a refrigerator. More importantly, this beer cooler has one of the coldest temperatures that go as low as 32 degrees.

A digital temperature display makes it easy to monitor the internal temperature. There are plenty of other features to love about this beer cooler. These include an attractive black stainless steel finish and easy-rolling casters.

Special Features

  • “Rapid cooling” button quickly cools down a warm beer
  • Dual tap tower dispenses more than one beer at a time
  • Built-in mat distributes the weight of the kegs

1. Danby DKC054A1BSL2DB Steel Dual Tap Kegerator

Danby DKC054A1BSL2DB Steel Dual Tap Kegerator

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Danby manufactures some of the best keg refrigerators. And this particular model makes a simple and efficient beer cooler. For the most part, it fares better than a lot of beer coolers out there. To begin with, it has simple instructions. Thus, it’s a whole lot easier to put the parts together. As a matter of fact, you can put together everything in as little as 30 minutes.

At 94 pounds, this is a fairly sturdy beer cooler. It has 5.4 cubic feet of storage and adjustable wire shelves. The shelves, in particular, makes it easy to convert the unit into a refrigerator. Hence, families who don’t host parties very often will find it an excellent investment.

Special Features

  • Spotless stainless steel finish
  • Automatic defrost for hassle-free maintenance
  • Comes with all necessary hardware
  • Dispenses up to two kegs

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