Best Bean Bag Chairs for Adults & Kids Reviews In 2021

Who can claim not to fall in love with bean bag chairs? They are the best comfort masterpieces on earth. These bean bags hug you and your family so nicely while aligning with your body contour. After a long day at work or a busy day at home, you can comfortably let this bags take the stress away from you. Relax in style with a novel and a glass of whiskey nearby. Actually, bean bags should have been invented early. They are just amazing!

Despite being incredible products, not every bean bag is worth the money. With so many manufacturers out there, you have to be careful with what you are taking home. Some bean bags’ comfort only lasts for a month or so while others will stand the test for a couple of years.

Additionally, there are other factors to consider such as the price, material used, design and usage. Are you planning to get the best bean bag out there?

Well, if that is the case, worry not. Your endless search is finally put to a stop. In this post, we are going to cover every detail that concerns bean bags. Stay tuned as this is just the beginning, there is more in store for you.

Table of the Best Bean Bag Chairs Reviews

10. Large 6-Foot Bean Bag Chairs For Adults by Jaxx Cocoon

Bean Bag Chairs

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The Jaxx 6 ft Cocoon is the kind of bean bag that every visitors tries out. This bag chair is incredibly comfortable with an ideal size to accommodate adults and kids. The bag is a masterpiece that will nest in the corner of your room and turn your entire house into a comfort zone. The comfortable bag chair is integrated with plenty of back and neck support. It also comes in various colours; you choose what you want.

The removable machine washable cover pushes this bag up the ranks. Washing the microsuede covers is a breeze. Additionally, the bag includes a protective inner liner not forgetting the child-proof zipper that keeps the child mess away. Transform your home into the Cocoon bean bag chair. It is an amazing purchase!

Key Features:

  • Good quality
  • Incredible size
  • Has a removable liner for easy washing
  • Comfortable

9. Charcoal Bean Bag Chairs – 5-Feet  by Chill Bag

Bean Bag Chair

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Become a game changer by completing your living or game room with the super comfy chill bag. The furniture grade memory foam gives this unit a distinct look. You will enjoy heaven sent comfort as you relax after a long high-stress day. It is fitted with child-proof zipper and an ultra-durable liner. In a nutshell, it is built to last. The 34”x 60”x 60” dimensions accommodate anyone that loves to relax and ease the back pain.

Cleaning is a breeze given that the super soft microsuede cover can be removed anytime. You can tumble dry the liner on low heat and enjoy the new again softness.

Key Features:

  • Double stitched for longevity
  • Chill sack fits any room setting
  • Great at relieving stress

8. High-Quality Oversized Bean Bag Chairs by Navy Blue

Blue Bean Bag Chair

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With its lightweight design, the Oversized Navy Blue Bean Bag will hold anybody and make you take a nap. It is great for any room whether a game room, bedroom or even a family room. It is time to relax and kick the day long stress in style with this bean chair. You can remove the slipcover and clean it or just do spot cleaning.

The metal zipper is well fixed in place to keep the beads intact and prevent any child mess. I love the fact that this bean bag not only has plenty of room to accommodate full-grown individuals but also comes with quality materials.

Key Features:

  • Easy to clean
  • Quality material
  • Matches with any room
  • Comfortable home addition

7. Original Red Flaming Big Joe Bean Bag Chair

Bean Bag Chair

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Perfect Big Joe Bean Bag Chair for super comfort and fun. If you are looking for something that will hold, hug and make you feel the worth of your money, then this is it. Originality is well expressed here. The tough stain-resistant SmartMax fabric makes this bag a built-to-last brand. It is filled with UltimaX Beans that supports you and gives you the ultimate comfort as well.

Cleaning this bag is not a hell on earth experience, simply use a damp cloth and clean it up. Additionally, it is double stitched to reinforce quality. It is available in various assorted colours. Try this bean bag throne. It is incredible!

Key Features:

  • Great for Sunday rests
  • Built to last
  • Stain resistant
  • Conforms to your body for maximum comfort

6. Incredibly Soft Sofa Sack Bean Bag Charcoal

Bean Bag Chair

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This is another super soft bean bag you will definitely curl in immediately you arrive at home from work. Covered with ultra-durable fabric means the touch alone is soothing. Filled with the softest and most comfortable foam, this bag offers heaven sent relaxation and sitting experience. Your family members will go crazy as they take their evening rests in turns.

It is a great option that will match the settings of any home theatre, basement and family room. Versatility is top-notch. It is also double stitched to enhance longevity. Try it out and don’t forget to choose your favourite colour.

Key Features:

  • Features ultra-durable fabric
  • Incredibly versatile
  • Great for any room
  • Delivers more comfort

5. Super Comfortable Research Big Joe Basketball Bag

Basketball Bean Bag

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Featuring 20% denser Ultimax beans, the Research Big Joe bag sucks you in while offering the ultimate relaxation comfort. You definitely want a bag that will align well with your body contour and not the other way round. Another robust feature is the waterproof Smartmax ballistic fabric. Cleanup is simple, you simply use a damp cloth to clean the stain-resistant cover.

Spot clean is also possible. Double zippers and double stitching mean added user convenience and strength. If you happen to be a football, baseball or basketball fan, I highly recommend the Big Joe Sports Balls Bean Bag.

Key Features:

  • Very sturdy
  • Well stuffed
  • Comfortable shape
  • Great for kids

4. Long lasting Big Joe Fuf Longer Black Twill Bean Bag

Bean Bag Chairs for Adults

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If you want a long-lasting bean bag with custom comfort, look no further. The Big Joe Fu 6” Lounger Bean Bag takes the gold home. It is equipped with super soft durable Fuf foam for exclusive comfort. This big beast will accommodate almost everybody. What makes it even more suitable for taking an evening rest is a soft fabric.

The moment your body rests on this cover, the dignified feel of relaxations automatically sets in. Add style to your basement, dorm room, bedroom or even family room with Big Joe Fu 6” Media Lounger Bag. You will love it!

Key Features:

  • Big enough for anyone
  • Soft durable fabric
  • Custom comfort

3. Multi-functional Giant Jaxx 7 Ft Bean Bag Sofa

Bean Bag Chairs for Adults

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Get comfortable with the Giant Jaxx Bean Bag. One prominent feature that gives this bag a leg up is its design that can allow up to three adults. The finely shredded polyurethane foam gives is a soft and comfortable nature. Having been made in the U.S. means the quality of the Jaxx 7 Ft Bean Bag is exceptional. Cleaning is a snap. The Cone Denim cover is not only removable but also machine washable. Other incredible features include quality brass zippers and the protective inner liner. Looking for something huge and comfortable, look no further, this is the ideal bean bag.

Key Features:

  • Incredibly big
  • Quality material
  • Multipurpose bean bag

2. Ultra Soft White Furry Comfy Sacks Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair

Bean Bag Chairs for Adults

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Take a rest in style in your backyard, basement or even living room with the Comfy Sack Ban Bag. You can choose a size suitable for one person or go for the bigger size that can accommodate your whole family. Filled with durable shredded memory foam, this bag won’t lose its soft and lofty nature. It resists permanent compression, unlike other cheap models.

I love the fact that all the covers are machine washable. The only exclusion is the Faux Leather which can be cleaned via spot clean. Its break-away zipper is brilliant. A simple twist locks the zipper and prevents accidental openings. For over 10 years, the Comfy Sacks have made bean bag lovers proud.

Key Features:

  • Highest quality fabrics
  • Features double stitched seams
  • Super comfy
  • Fits many colour schemes

1. Classic Blue Junior ECR4 Kids Bean Bag Chair, 26”

Bean Bag Chairs for Adults & Kids

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Turn your classroom, library, homes, and offices into amazing resting places with the Classic ECR4 Kids Bean Bag. Made with a durable, waterproof and heavyweight vinyl covering, this bag will last long enough to be enjoyed by your grandchildren. Double stitching adds strength while the double zippers keep the inner beads intact. Polystyrene beads offer superior comfort and are sold separately.

You won’t have to worry in case you need a refill. When it is weekend time, let your kid curl and read their books in style. Grab the 26” Classic Bean Bag and choose from the many attractive colours.

Key Features:

  • Fun and comfortable
  • Great for kids
  • Double stitching for enhanced durability
  • Custom comfort for the rear and back

Guide To Choosing Best Bean Bags for Home Use

Since the invention of bean bags, there has been a revolution in the way designers come up with their products. Therefore, there are a number of factors you should consider before buying a bean bag.

  • Adult or kids bag

Even though there are a number of bean bags that will give both adults and children a comfortable and relaxing experience, some are more suited for kids or adults. Kid’s bean bags tend to be smaller and more comfortable. Definitely, their size and foam filling design differ from those of adults. If you specifically want a bean bag designed to accommodate kids, go for what that. On the other hand, you can choose a multipurpose bag if you and your kids intend to share the enjoyment.

  • Size

Bean bags come in conventional extra small, small, medium, large and extra-large sizes. Depending on your height and perhaps weight, you can choose the brand that will offer you the ultimate resting comfy. The benefit of buying a large-sized bag is that your kids can grow up and still use the same unit. However, you have to invest in a quality bag.

  • Design

This narrows down to personal preference. Just like sofas, bean bags come in various designs. You may come across a bag lounger, teardrop bag, body fitter bags and more. Basically, choose the type of bag that gives you the maximum comfort. At the end of the day, you just want to sit and relax.

  • Type of fills used

The type of fills used in a bean bag determines how good or bad your sitting experience becomes. Traditional furniture was made of virgin polystyrene or recyclable polystyrene beads. Even though they are firmer, foam fill is used in most brands to provide a softer and comfortable feel. Additionally, some brands require refilling the bags from time to time.

  • Liner versus No Liner

Some bean bags are enclosed in big liners while others are not. The biggest bonus for buying a model with a liner is that you can remove the liner for washing. This means your bag’s fills will remain intact unlike the case with bean bags lacking a liner. Buying a brand with no liner calls for more hygiene measures.

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