Best Youth Softball & Baseball Batting Gloves for Sale In 2021

Batting gloves are a significant part of any baseball gear. For hitters, these gloves provide immense grip, allowing players to wield the bat more comfortably. Catchers, on the other hand, will appreciate the amount of cushioning from batting gloves. They greatly diminish any sting felt when making contact with the ball. As you can see, there are lots of reasons to get yourself a decent pair for the next baseball season. Unfortunately, not all batting gloves are created equal. For instance, some tend to fall apart much quicker than others. Not to mention, there’s a multitude of options out there. In short, choosing the best baseball batting gloves is no easy task.

So, what makes a decent pair of batting gloves? For the most part, the right pair of gloves feels a lot more natural in your hands. Better still, it needs to provide a strong grip for improved hitting and swinging. To make things easier for you, we’ve shortlisted the top baseball batting gloves. In our choosing, we’ve considered several factors, including weight, durability, amount of padding, and size adjustment options. Read more to find the one that suits your needs, style, and budget.

Table of the Best Custom Baseball Batting Gloves Reviews

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 10. Franklin Sports MLB CFX Pro Baseball Batting Gloves

Baseball Batting Gloves

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These gloves are a favourite among major-league players. So, it’s easily one of the most popular out there. Contrary to the name, you don’t have to be a pro to wear them. The gloves come in sheepskin leather. Hence, they’re extremely comfortable and durable. Floating thumb technology gives more range of motion. The neoprene bridge is another excellent feature.

For the most part, it adds flex across the back. The gloves have asymmetrical wrist bands. These shape to the wrist to provide a comfortable, secure fit. Above all, the batting gloves are available in 2 dozen colours. Thus, it’s quite easy to find the colour you like. Furthermore, they’re available in youth and adult sizes.

Special Features

  • Tectonic inserts give more flexibility without adding weight
  • Natural fit conforms to the curves of your hand
  • Strategically etched groove patterns provide better grip

9. Louisville Slugger Genuine Adult Batting Gloves

Louisville Slugger Genuine Adult Batting Gloves

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These gloves hail from a brand that’s synonymous with baseball gear and kit. Hence, they provide enhanced all-around performance. Thanks to the synthetic material, these gloves offer excellent grip. Thus, the bat stays in position for that perfect swing. Apart from that, the gloves have stretch Lycra on the back. It improves flexibility and makes the gloves more breathable. Once you slip on, there’s a neoprene strap that holds the gloves securely in place. These batting gloves come in two colours – White and Black.

Special Features

  • One-piece construction gives immense grip
  • Breathable stretch Lycra offers a greater range of motion

8. Mizuno MVP Tee Ball Baseball Batting Gloves

Mizuno MVP Tee Ball Baseball Batting Gloves

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Mizuno MVP is excellent for tee ball or youth baseball players. These batting gloves focus more on quality and performance. To begin with, there are a couple of things to love about the design of these gloves. It’s made of softer material that makes it easier to close. Plus, the gloves are pretty light, making it comfortable for young players. Also, the back comes in air mesh material. So, the gloves rank high in terms of breathability. The palm uses a non-slip material. Thus, the bat is less likely to slip off.

Special Features

  • Quick-adjust strap allows you to fit the gloves in the least time possible
  • Flexible and breathable air mesh back
  • Non-slip palm allows for a stable swing

7. Seibertron Baseball & Softball Batting Gloves for Adult and Youth

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These high-quality gloves put more focus on fit and grip. Anti-slip silicone fingerprint offers superior grip. Not only does it allow you to swing with ease, but also with lots of force. The gel pad on the palm is an excellent bonus on these gloves. It does a remarkable job of absorbing shock. Hence, there’s zero chance you’ll feel the sting when connecting with the ball.

Above all, the gloves have ventilation on the side of the fingers and through the palm. These provide extra breathability, especially when the game starts heating up. Lots of players attest to performing better with these gloves. Keep in mind; thee batting gloves are available in four colour combinations. Furthermore, there are sizes for youth and adults.

Special Features

  • Gel-padded palm offers excellent shock absorption
  • Perforations on palm and fingers give extra ventilation
  • Silicone fingerprint offers superior grip

6. Marucci Adult Signature Baseball Batting Gloves

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Marucci has up to six top-shelf batting gloves. The signature series, in particular, is the most preferred among most pros. These gloves have several key selling points. First and foremost, it has embossed sheepskin palm. This provides a comfortable and natural feel. Apart from that, it offers excellent gripping power, even when wet. Two-way stretch Lycra inserts allow for superior mobility without the bulk. Also, the gloves have finger-break contours in between the fingers.

For the most part, they allow for a natural grip while holding the bat. Moreover, these gloves use neoprene cuffs to provide warmer wear.

Special Features

  • Digitally embossed sheepskin palm gives a natural feel
  • Gripster technology offers immense gripping power
  • Finger-break contours prevent pinching and promote natural grip
  • Hard-wearing rubber layer on the thumb

5. Rawlings 5150 Away Batting Gloves for Adult

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Rawlings is a top manufacturer of sports goods. Not to mention, it provides one of the best baseball gloves. And if you’re looking for comfort, Rawlings 5150 is among the best. First, the palms come in genuine goat leather, which is among nature’s strongest leather. It’s highly resistant to abrasion. Hence, these gloves can be used season after season with minimal wear.

Besides, goatskin leather makes them soft and lightweight. Also, the gloves use a Flexi fit material that allows for a free-swinging experience. Not to mention, the material offers the added advantage of superior grip. These gloves are available in many sizes and colour variations.

Special Features

  • Genuine goat leather palm offers excellent comfort and durability
  • Double knit Lycra ensures longevity and extra comfort
  • FlexiFit material gives more freedom when swinging

4. DeMarini Digi Camo II Batting Gloves

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Are you looking for extremely soft and comfortable baseball gloves? Well, these gloves will make an excellent choice. The palm comes in smooth sheepskin leather. Though smooth, it provides immense grip. Also, the gloves use 4-way stretch fabric technology. Unlike 2-way stretch fabrics, it offers greater freedom of motion. Not to mention, it offers lasting durability.

The moisture-wicking wrist strap is another excellent feature. It keeps you dry and comfortable. Moreover, these gloves have an attractive camouflage design. And the best part, it’s available in 10 colour combinations.

Special Features

  • Silicone overlay gives remarkable stability
  • Durable industry-standard sheepskin leather
  • Pro-grade wrist strap wicks away moisture and allows for custom adjustments

3. Easton Z7 VRS Hyperskin Batting Gloves

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These gloves are an upgrade of Easton Z7 Hyperskin gloves. A smooth goatskin leather for the palm makes it extremely durable. Besides, it has additional padding for added comfort. Apart from that, the padding serves two other purposes. First, it dampens sting as the ball connects with your hand. Secondly, it increases warmth. These gloves use heavy-duty lockdown straps to give a more secure fit.

Above all, they come in both adult and youth sizes. Altogether, it’s available in five different colour combinations.

Special Features

  • Tacky goatskin leather palm offers a reliable and durable grip
  • VRS palm padding absorbs shock and vibrations
  • Reinforced silicone gives added stability
  • Hyperskin Lycra gives enhanced flexibility

2. Rawlings Workhorse Adult Batting Gloves

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Rawlings Workhorse gloves are exceptionally comfortable to wear. In the first place, these gloves use high-grade leather. It’s smooth and flexible to provide a superior fit. Besides, it has some tackiness to it. For this reason, it provides a better grip. What is more, the leather allows the gloves to extend through the strike zone fully. The Dura Plus pad is another excellent feature that adds more palm protection.

Also, these gloves have a Dynamic Fit System. For the most part, it allows the glove to stretch to fit your hand comfortably. These batting gloves are available in six different colours. Moreover, there are different sizes available to give the ultimate fit.

Special Features

  • Oitac 2 treatment leather gives a strong grip
  • Double-knit spandex allows for a tight, snug fit
  • Reinforced wrist closure provides a secure fit

1. EvoShield Protective Speed Stripe Batting Gloves

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These batting gloves are largely for professional players. However, those looking to advance their batting skills will also find them quite handy. These gloves have a custom moulding shield. For the most part, it keeps the risk of injuries and fractures to a minimum. The strap is sleek and fully adjustable to give a firm fit, especially when playing. These gloves are noticeably thinner and lighter.

Nonetheless, they offer unmatched impact protection. More importantly, these gloves remain functional, even in the toughest conditions. Indeed, these batting gloves stand out from other models in its class.

Special Features

  • Tactile leather palm gives better control
  • Custom-molding shield prevents possible injuries
  • One-piece PowerStretch fabric gives unmatched comfort and durability while remaining entirely breathable

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