9 Best Youth Baseball Batting Gloves for Sale In 2018

Believe it or not, swinging a baseball bat is quite taxing on the hands. This is especially common among the new hitters and wood bat swingers who haven’t yet developed the upper palm callouses that occur naturally through continuous batting practice. Because of this, swinging may cause very painful blisters to emerge, and this could force the hitter to take some time to heal. The idea behind the baseball batting gloves is to prevent such hand injuries that occur due to excessive batting practice.

Besides preventing hand injuries, these gloves can also help you with the batting itself. A good baseball batting glove will help improve your grip on the bat. Yes, your hands may get sweaty when you’re up at the bat, but a good batting glove will help make sure that your sweat doesn’t affect your grip. Actually, the most common baseball batting gloves improve all grips due to the use of flexible materials like leather and even synthetic leather. Here is a look at the best baseball batting gloves on the market today.

What is Baseball Batting Gloves?

Baseball batting gloves are an essential component in baseball games. This primarily consists of leatherback and palm made from nylon and other synthetic fibers. This covers one or even both of the hands of the player which is commonly known as the batter. This offers great comfort, prevents blisters, warmth, shock absorption and enhanced grip every time you are going to hit the ball.

The majority of all baseball players in baseball games are wearing batting gloves.  This is because of the fact that this helps in increasing the gripping quality of the player to the bat. Keeping controlled and tight grip on the bat is very important to acquire successful hits. Baseball batting gloves also serve as a protector of the player’s hand.

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Table Comparison of Batting Gloves for Baseball Sports

9. Easton HS7 Baseball Batting Gloves

Baseball Batting Gloves

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These gloves feature a soft and very comfortable sheepskin construction with exceptional grip. The stretchy material found on the back of the gloves over the fingers ensures maximum flexibility. This means that the gloves are less likely to rip because there is room for stretching. Also, the gloves feature a neoprene wrist that makes them highly durable, breathable, and provides a comfortable wrist support.

8. Under Armour Men’s UA Clean Up Batting Gloves


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These gloves have a great grip, and the leather palms make them highly durable. They also allow you to use a finger grip rather than gripping over the bar, and this helps keep callous ripping to a minimum.

7. DeMarini Digi Camo Batting Glove

DeMarini Digi Camo Batting Glove

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This glove is very soft on the inside and highly stretchable for a perfect fit. It also features a wide low profile strap that allows for easy swinging. The glove is also designed in such a way that it provides relief along the knuckle bend, thereby preventing injuries.

6. Mizuno Vintage Pro G4 Batting Gloves

Mizuno Vintage Pro G4 Batting Gloves

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These gloves combine the classic style and modern technology. They feature anti-shock palm padding with a bio gel to help reduce sting upon impact. It also features a motion arc line technology to help follow your skin’s movement, and this, in turn, ensures better comfort and flexibility. With the easy to pull grip tabs and 3D logo details, these batting gloves are simply unbeatable.

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5. Franklin Sports Neo Classic Series Batting Gloves

Neo Classic Series Batting Gloves

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Made of sheepskin leather, these gloves feature strategically engraved groove patterns in the digital leather that help enhance grip, thereby allowing you to swing with confidence. They also feature quad-flex creases that mimic the flexing of your palm, ensuring that your gloves have the ideal fit around the bat.

4. Mizuno Adult Vintage Pro Batting Gloves – Digi Camo Large

 Click to open expanded view Mizuno Adult Vintage Pro Batting Glove

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Featuring top quality leather palm, this glove is very comfortable and has a perfect grip. It’s also designed in such a way that it moves with your hand as you grasp the bat. The glove features an air mesh, allowing for easier breathability.

3.EvoShield Prostyle Batting Gloves

EvoShield Prostyle Batting Gloves

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These high-performance batting gloves offer the best protection, thanks to their unique custom molded hand shield pad. Soft on delivery, this pad can mold into a hard protective shield in just thirty minutes and you can insert it into the concealed pocket on your lead batting hand. The seamless Pittard leather and the PoweStretch fabric help provide a perfect grip, improve breathability, and make the gloves durable.

2. Louisville Slugger Adult Series 5 Pro Batting Gloves

Louisville Slugger Adult Series 5 Pro Batting Gloves

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These gloves combine verified design with strong materials to ensure the best performance every time. A strong grip, perfect fit, and durability allow you to perform your swings with confidence. It comes in pairs and it includes both a right and left glove.

1. Cutters Gloves Men’s Power Control Baseball Batting Glove

Cutters Gloves Men's Power Control Baseball Batting Glove

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These gloves feature a palm design with strategically placed C-TAC performance grip patches, which adapts to every player’s bat grip and improves durability in the areas that commonly wear out. This also reduces grip pressure, causing minimal muscle tension, which in turn causes smoother swings and faster bat speed.

Guides to Choosing Baseball Batting Gloves

Purchasing baseball batting gloves is a bit difficult especially there are lots of options to choose from. Despite the fact that all batting gloves may protect your hand at the same time give you the chance to acquire successful hits, but there are instances that low quality of batting gloves can be chosen. To prevent such things to happen, then below are some of the guides in choosing baseball batting gloves you need to consider and they are as follows:

  • Choose a baseball batting glove that fits you
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You need to choose a baseball batting glove that fits the size of your hand. When shopping for this baseball gear, try to wear it to assure that this is fitted appropriately to your hand which in return could give you the best comfort you need during the baseball game.

  • Check for the gloves durability

Your baseball batting gloves need to be made from durable and 100 percent type of genuine leather.  Do not make use of plastic leather made gloves since this might just hurt your hand every time you try to have a hit.

  • Batting glove that fits your budget range

Choose batting gloves that meet your sizing and position needs as well as the budget you have, too. Compare and research for prices. Don’t purchase those expensive batting gloves which are made from the low quality of leather. You may even choose those affordable ones as long as you are aware that this may give you the best comfort you need.

These are just some of the best guide you need to follow when choosing the right baseball batting gloves. As you follow the above-mentioned guides, you are assured to have the best batting glove during your baseball game.


Baseball batting gloves are one of the most important gears in the baseball game. This may protect your hand and give you the chance to have successful hits. If you want to purchase this gear for your baseball game, there are several things to consider such as the materials it is made from, its price, durability, and quality. As soon as you take into consideration these things, rest assured that you can have the best baseball batting gloves right for you.

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