8 Best Balance Board Exercises for Stability Training In 2018

A balance board might not be a new fitness equipment for you. But the million dollar question is; do you know the best models in balance boards that the market has to offer? Well, that may seem quite a challenging question that requires some research in order to come up with a perfect answer. However, with us, you do not need the research. It is as simple as it can ever get. Below are the best models of board exercises for stability training that stand as the best answer to the question.

The Best Balance Board Exercises Reviews

8. Air Stability Blue Wobble Cushion, 35cm/14in Diameter

Balance Board Exercises

This is a 14-inch wide circular balance disc. It is designed to be inflated to provide comfortable air cushioning. The disc is made from a durable PVC material that is free from heavy metals to guarantee maximum safety. It helps in enhancing balance, flexibility, and coordination. The disc features large dimples on one side for standing and small dimples on the other side for sitting. It comes with a hand pump for easy inflation.

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7. Bosu Balance Trainer

Balance Board Exercises

This balance trainer offers a perfect combination of all fitness elements: cardiovascular, muscle toning and flexibility. Its unstable yet dynamic surface provides a great challenge. This balance trainer also finds great application in physical therapy. It is inflated using the included foot pump. It comes with workout DVDs that guide you through your workout program. The balance trainer can support users weighing a maximum of 300 pounds.

6. Diggin Wobble Deck

Balance Board Exercises

Diggin Wobble Deck is an electronic balance board designed for both indoor and outdoor use. This balance board offers physical as well as a mental challenge. The difficulty level can be adjusted to provide more challenge. The board is designed for persons who are 5 years and above. It can support users weighing a maximum of 100 pounds. The board is powered by a pack of three batteries.

5. HemingWeigh Balance Disc

Balance Board Exercises

This disc is specially designed for toning and shaping the lower body. The disc comes inflated. Its unstable surface works great in enhancing balancing, flexibility, and coordination. The disc is textured on either side to provide a non-slip surface that is excellent for feet massage. It comes with a pump and needle for added convenience.

4. Airex Balance Pad Blue

Balance Board Exercises

This pad is designed to keep you fit and enhance your coordination skills. It generates a wobbling effect that makes it ideal for working the lower back and performing squats. The pad is made of soft cell foam that comes in a closed design to provided added strength and durability. It does not absorb water, which makes it an ideal swim float. The pad is suitable for all ages.

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3. SPRI 6 Balance Pods (Set of 6)

Balance Board Exercises

This is a set of 6 balance pods. The pods are designed for general balance and coordination skills. They feature a doom shape on one side and a flat surface on the other. They can be positioned to lie on the doom side to increase the difficulty level. The pods come in different colors and are inflated to provide the great challenge.

2. Yes4All Balance Board for Balance and Stability Training

Balance Board Exercises

This board is ideal for balance and strength training. The board measures 15.75 inches in diameter and 3.14 inches high. It is textured on either side to provide a comfortable non-slip surface. The board weighs at only 2 pounds, which makes it portable enough for those on the go. It is made of molded plastic and can accommodate users weighing a maximum of 300 pounds.

1. Adjustable Balance Board For Exercise and Physical Therapy

Balance Board Exercises

This is an extra-large balance board that has a diameter of 16.5 inches. It comes with a blue adapter that can be fitted to increase its overall height from 2 inches to 3 inches. The board is made of Polyethylene that is durable enough to last for years. The board can be set to 2 different difficulty levels: 15 degrees and 10 degrees. The point of balance features a rounded design that enhances the wobbling effect. The surface is textured to provide the secure grip.

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