10 Best ATV & UTV Gun Racks for Sale Reviews In 2020

Guns storage during travel is no longer a major problem. In fact, it’s been made a lot much easier. UTV gun racks let you utilize the available space in the roof area of your vehicle to keep your firearms organized, secure, and well protected from the elements. UTV gun racks come in many different designs with different holding capacities. That means your choice will depend on the number of firearms you have and the shape and size of the roof area of your vehicle.

You definitely need a proper gun rack for the job. But the problem is that there are so many options out there leading to a lot of confusion. Well, don’t get overwhelmed by the numbers anymore. We’ve got a list of the best UTV gun racks that offer nothing less than the best in terms of safety, ease of access, and protection.

Table of the Best ATV & UTV Gun Racks Reviews

10. Kolpin Rhino Grip – Double – 21505

UTV Gun Racks

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This UTV gun rack has a vice-like grip that keeps your gun safe and secure. The rack comes as a pair that holds two guns at ago. A rubberized grip keeps the guns from scratches and minimizes vibrations. Some drilling may be required in case you plan to fit on some composite racks. Mounting can be done on a tubular bar, square bar, or drilled flat surface. The size of the bar should range from 5/8 to 1-1/4 inches in diameter. This rack is designed for lightweight guns weighing up to 15 pounds.

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9. Kolpin UTV Gun Rack – 20073

Kolpin UTV Gun Rack

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This gun rack lets you mount your gun in a vertical position. Made of heavy-duty rubber, it provides a safe, scratch-free grip and keeps vibrations to a minimum. V blocks and rubber straps provide exceptional support to the barrel. The mounting height is adjustable from 27-1/2 inches to 35-1/2 inches. You can choose to angle your gun 45 degrees in either direction. You get a full 360-degree orientation for easy access. This UTV gun rack holds two guns.

8. Quad Gear UTV Double Gun Carrier

Quad Gear UTV Double Gun Carrier

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This UTV gun rack comes as a double made of tough, water-resistant fabric. This gives rugged, all-weather protection resistant from against abrasion. Each carrier has plenty of space to accommodate a rifle or shotgun. Three spacious gear pockets come in handy to accommodate shells and other items. The carriers attach to the UTV via quick-release buckles and heavy-duty straps. Extra-thick padding on the inside keeps your guns protected. Bottom D-rings give additional lash points for maximum support.

7. Great Day QD850-OGR Quick-Draw Overhead Gun Rack

Quick-Draw Overhead Gun Rack

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Great Day QD850-OGR gun rack holds your rifles in an overhead position for easy access. It holds two rifles at once. The rack is fitted with super-soft rubber clips that keep vibrations to a minimum and prevent scratches. The fact that it holds your guns inside the roof area gives total protection from the elements. This gun rack is made of aircraft aluminium to provide a lightweight construction. Installation can be done in minutes without the need for bolting or drilling.

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6. Kolpin UTV Overhead Gun Carrier – 20078

Kolpin UTV Overhead Gun Carrier

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Kolpin UTV Gun Carrier 20078 gives a safe and secure ride regardless of how tough the terrain gets. It’s an overhead gun rack designed to accommodate your rifle or shotgun. Rubber-coated tips and foam padding keep your firearm and the frame of your UTV free from scratches. This rack provides the convenience of tool-free installation. All you need is just twist some knobs and you’ll be good to go. The length is adjustable from 20.5 to 28.5 inches for a perfect fit on many UTV models. This rack holds two guns at once.

5. Quick-draw Overhead UTV Gun Rack

Overhead UTV Gun Rack

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This overhead gun rack makes installation a breeze in just a matter of minutes without the need to bolt or drill. This gun rack is designed for UTV frames with regular tops. Clips made of super-soft rubber give easy access and prevent any scratches. Covers are provided for total protection against the elements. This rack comes in a lightweight construction made of aircraft aluminium. It can be adjusted to fit roof frames from 23 to 28 inches.

4. Big Sky BSR-2 Gun Rack 2-Gun Overhead

Gun Rack 2-Gun Overhead

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Big Sky BSR-2 gives easy installation on double wall roofs. You have the alternative of mounting through the sidewall or the roof. This rack is made of durable, heavy-duty metal. Dense foam padding provides improved protection to your guns. Heavy-duty loop and hook fasteners made of nylon provide a secure grip. This gun is designed to hold two guns in an overhead position. The overhead orientation gives easy access to the guns whenever you need them and keeps them away from the elements.

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3. Quick-Draw Overhead Gun Rack – UTV’s With Rollbar Depth

Quick-Draw Overhead Gun Rack

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QD850-OGR gun rack provides total protection from the elements. This is a gun rack that keeps your firearms at your fingertips. It holds two guns at once inside the roof area. Vibration and scratches are kept at a minimum with soft rubber grips. The rack has velcro straps that hold your firearms secure with no flopping around. It comes in a lightweight design and fits perfectly on UTV frames with a good amount of clearance. This UTV gun rack fits two guns at a go.

2. Big Sky SBR-2G Gun Rack 2-Gun Sky Bar

Big Sky SBR-2G Gun Rack 2-Gun Sky Bar

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This rack UTV rack is a convenient way of keeping your guns secure and well mounted for transportation. The rack has a telescopic bar that provides an adjustable fit for most firearms and vehicles. The padded brackets that hold the guns can be adjusted to provide the desired fit. The padding helps to keep the frame free of scratches. A heavy-duty nylon strap provides durable and safe storage. This UTV gun rack mounts on the ceiling to keep your firearms out of sight without sacrificing ease of access.

1. UTV Gun Rack – UTV Overhead Gun Rack For Can-Am Commander

UTV Gun Rack - UTV Overhead Gun Rack

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This is an adjustable gun rack designed to fit UTV frames that measure 28 to 35 inches from front to back. The rack is available in three different sizes so you can get a perfect fit for your UTV frame. Clips made of super-soft rubber give easy access and protect your firearms and UTV frame from scratches. This rack holds your firearms in the inside roof area for maximum protection from the elements. It comes lightweight for easy mounting that requires no bolting or drilling. This gun rack holds two firearms.

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