10 Best Air Conditioning Manifold Gauges Reviews In 2018

If you’re looking for the best air conditioning manifold gauges reviews, you’ve come to the right place. Providing an honest look into the different air conditioning manifold gauge products out in the market today, this list should make it easier for you to choose when buying a model.

Table of the Best Air Conditioning Manifold Gauges

10. Yellow Jacket 78060 Complete Test Kit – Air Conditioning Manifold Gauges

Air Conditioning Manifold Gauges

A complete test kit with an impeccable ranking online, this particular product has a range of 0 to 35 WC made from durable material. The kit itself is economical and contains only the most essential materials to meet the necessary function. With a friendly price-tag, the model is perfect for homeowners who simply want to keep track of their HVAC without spending more than necessary.

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9. AC Manifold Gauge Set R410A R22 R134A HVAC Diagnostic Charging Tool

Air Conditioning Manifold Gauges

A wonderfully comprehensive gauge set, these particular products boasts of an excellent rating online. It comes with two gauge colours that are specifically coded for different functions which are: Blue (0-550 PSI) and red (0-750 PSI). There’s a yellow 60-inch charging hose and a red and blue 60-inch long charging hose to meet varying needs. The product boasts of a maximum working pressure of 800 PSI and a burst pressure of 4000 PSI.

8. Fieldpiece SMAN360 3-Port Digital Manifold with Micron Gauge

Air Conditioning Manifold Gauges

This digital gauge makes it easy to read measurements and be confident that the numbers are accurate. Some of the functions include a stopwatch, rate indicator, and a micron vacuum gauge with alarms. It also features 45 refrigerants which can be updated through a convenient USB connection. With an automatic target superheat, the product has simultaneous super-heat and sub-cooling.

7. SMAN460 Wireless Digital Manifold with Micron Gauge

Air Conditioning Manifold Gauges

Unlike the previous Fieldpiece in this listing, this particular model as a 4-port Digital Manifold which makes it more flexible for users. The digital aspect allows for easy use compounded by the features of the product. Boasting of an extra-rugged design and real-time adjustments, you’ll be able to make measurements even without the pesky wires. The additional date provided include alarms, a stopwatch, and a rate indicator.

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6. Yellow Jacket 42006 Series 41 Manifold with 3-1/8″ Gauge

Air Conditioning Manifold Gauges

Definitely one of the sturdiest products in the list today, this particular model boasts of colour-coded gauges with 1% accuracy. The materials are made of forged brass, allowing for long-lasting use. Working pressure is set at 800 PSI with the burst at 4000 PSI. Perfect for professional users who want something that’s both durable and accurate.

5. Yellow Jacket 49963 Manifold Only degrees F, psi Scale

Air Conditioning Manifold Gauges

Featuring a heavy-duty hook that won’t easily be pulled out, this particular model is by far the most ergonomic in the market. It comes with easy grip handles that give you easy control when used. The gauges are colour-coded with protective gauge boots which are optional. The product also comes with a sight glass for easy refrigerant reading.

4. ARKSEN Manifold Gauge, R404A R410A R22 HVAC, A/C, Brass Adapters

Air Conditioning Manifold Gauges

This manifold gauge is made with heavy-duty aluminium to keep it lightweight but durable. A sight glass is added to the design for easier monitoring of the functions. Hoses are colour coded for additional convenience and to ensure accuracy, the product is built to be vibration resistant. It’s extendable so you can easily purchase additional hoses should it becomes necessary. The product comes with housing for when not in use.

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3. Robinair R134 Brass Manifold, Hose Set and Service Couplers

Air Conditioning Manifold Gauges

This colour-coded gauge is by far the most reviewed in the market today. It features a brass manifold with a durable hose set that’s colour-coded for easy identification. It also comes with manual couples and 60 inches of R134a hose set. Weighing at just 4.5 pounds, this Robinair model is ideal for occasional users instead of those who use the gauge for professional purposes.

2. ARKSEN 4CFM Rotary Vacuum Pump AC Manifold Gauge Set

Air Conditioning Manifold Gauges

Ranking at number two in the list, this ARKSEN model is wonderfully comprehensive starting with colour coded hoses for the convenience of use. The gauges measure 2-7/8” which makes them very easy to read. There’s also a direct drive motor that doesn’t require much maintenance and lets you start gauge use without too much fuss. To top it off, the product can quickly remove moisture from the air conditioning system according to reviews.

1. Robinair 48510 R134a Aluminum Manifold Set with 72″ Hoses

Air Conditioning Manifold Gauges

Holding the number one spot, the product boasts of aluminium manifolds with a sight glass that combines durability and ease of use. The gauge manages to display Fahrenheit and pounds per square inch with a 72-inch hose set. To top it off, the product comes with a convenient specially made carrying case.

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