Best Lighting 3 Way LED Bulbs for Daylight and Night Reviews In 2021

Modern innovation and technology are blessing our lives and making them more worthy of living. Everywhere you see, there is something new being developed for the betterment of humankind. You might not have paid a lot of attention to the bulbs you use at your home. But it is time you replace the old ones with something new. Pick 3 way LED bulbs because these are long-lasting, adjustable, safer, and saves on energy.

Still not sure what to buy and how to buy? Look for the best-selling 3 way LED light bulbs and know why these are the first preferences of the customers.

Table of the Best 3 Way LED Bulbs Reviews

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10. Great Eagle 40/60/100W Equivalent 3-Way LED Light Bulb

3 Way LED Bulbs

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These bulbs light up immediately and deliver you the best kind of brightness always. As this is a 3-way soft white LED bulb, you will get options of 4W, 8W, and 14W. Hence, you get to choose between 500, 1000, 1500 lumens respectively. The only thing you need to make sure that you do not use these bulbs with dimmer switches but only with compatible light fixtures.

Plus, safety is always a top priority, as the bulbs are UL listed for maximum safety. Finally, it is totally free of mercury or lead and doesn’t emit UV or IR.

Key features:

  • If used at an average rate of 3 hours a day, these bulbs are going to last for as many as 22 years.
  • You are certainly going to get instant brightness once you switch it on.
  • Having 3 years of warranty, you can totally depend on the performance out of this.

9. Philips LED 3 Way Light Bulbs

Philips LED 3 Way Light Bulbs

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If brightness is what you desire with the least energy consumption, you need these frosted 3 way LED bulbs. Promising you a lifetime of over 22 years, these bulbs are designed with the latest technology. In fact, these are better than incandescent bulbs in all aspects. It consumes as much as 80% less energy than the regular bulbs we use in our household. The most amazing thing about these bulbs is the high color rendering index.

They produce 2700 Kelvin of energy and provide a superior tone of warm and crisp color. In the package, you will get two bulbs for you to use at your home or anywhere you want.

Key features:

  • Ideal for E26D medium screw bases and it is recommended you do not use it with any screw bases.
  • You will get to choose between 3 levels of light, 450, 800, and 1600 lumens.
  • Eye comfort guarantee, allowing you to use this on a regular basis without causing any kind of strain to the eyes.

8. AmeriLuck A21 LED 3-Way Light Bulb 2200 Lumens

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Get yourself these instant-on 3 ways LED bulbs and never complain about uncomfortable eyes, energy consumption, or frequent bulb changes. Coming from Ameriluck, this is an outstanding choice of LED bulbs that will readily replace your existing CFL bulbs. You will be able to fit them into the standard E26 medium screw bases without any sort of challenges.

Totally shatter-resistant and extremely long-lasting, these are Omni-directional lights. As a result, it will never fail to deliver you the perfect kind of brightness anywhere. Also, these bulbs work without any flicker or stutter and are made totally mercury and lead-free.

Key features:

  • In the maximum setting, you will get 2200-lumens of brightness but this bulb will consume as much as 87% less energy.
  • The overall lifespan and durability are 15 times higher than regular incandescent bulbs.
  • UL certified lights are covered by 3 years of warranty for keeping the trust in the brand.

7. Briignite 3-Way 50-100-150 Watt LED Bulb

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The set of two daylight 3 way LED bulbs that will be the perfect addition for daily tasks and lifestyle. If you are looking for bulbs that can work at a different level of brightness, then these are the best choice. From 50W as the lowest to 150W as the highest, the maximum brightness this can produce is 1850 lumens. Choose the light that will be suitable for the work you have in hand.

Although this can produce as much as 1850 lumens of brightness, the maximum energy this consumes is just 18W. This accounts for almost 85% of your saving on your electricity bills. Totally shatterproof and long-lasting, these are made without mercury, lead, or UV.

Key features:

  • Lights up instantly unlike CFL bulbs that take a significant amount of time to heat up.
  • These bulbs come with a rated lifespan of 30000 hours so that you can use it for the longest time.
  • Plastic and aluminum construction delivers the best kind of heat dissipation for impressive results.

6. Bioluz LED 40/60/100W 3-Way A19 LED Light Bulb

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Producing a color of 3000K, these are the kind of 3 way replacement LED bulbs that will come in handy for your everyday tasks. In the package, there are 4 bulbs, each designed to deliver the best kind of performance. Extremely energy-efficient and extremely reliable, the maximum energy consumption at the highest setting on this bulb is 14W. As a matter of fact, it is way less than most incandescent bulbs.

The soft white light coming out of the bulb is bright enough to do almost anything. Plus, it is soft enough to ensure no strain or pain to the eyes. Moreover, it has a beam angle of 300° for a better spread.

Key features:

  • As this is a 3 way LED bulb, you will get to choose between 500, 1000, 1500 lumens of brightness.
  • Promises you a lifespan of 25000 hours and warranty of 5 years, no matter what happens, they will work.
  • Doesn’t add any additional yellow or blue hues that disrupt the overall quality of white light.

5. Energetic Smarter 150 Watt LED Light Bulb – Super Bright A21 Daylight 5000K

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Choosing to go with a product that has been rated as Amazon’s choice is definitely a better and reliable option. This pair of LED bulbs are popular and come with the assurance of long time serviceability. If you are unsure whether to buy them or not, know that these bulbs are UL listed for safety. In addition to that, you will get 2 years of warranty on each of the two bulbs.

No need to use any dimmers, these bulbs are non-flickering in nature. As a result, doesn’t cause eye fatigue and creates a calm and comfortable ambiance.

Key features:

  • Free of toxic chemicals and breakable parts, it doesn’t use harmful items like mercury or lead as well.
  • Saves you up to 85% of bills on electricity because of the brightness it creates. Well, it only consumes a maximum of 20W of power.
  • If used on an average of 3 hours a day, then you will get a long service life of up to 13.6 years of 15000 hours.

4. GE Soft White 50-100-150 Watt 3-Way LED Light Bulbs

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General Electric or GE is a name that has been in the business for the longest time. They have always ensured high-end and reliable products that you can totally depend on without any shortcomings. Choosing to go with this means you will be able to change the lighting according to your mood with just a flip of a switch.

When used 3 hours (average) daily, you can get a huge working life of 13.6 years out of this bulb. Also, this effectively brings down your overall electricity bills and saves you a lot of money.

Key features:

  • It produces a crisp bright white light that you will definitely enjoy on a daily basis.
  • The maximum brightness produced by this light is a good 2155 lumens.
  • For proper lighting, it offers a color temperature of 2700 Kelvin.

3. TORCHSTAR 3-Way A21 LED Light Bulb

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Do not just buy any random and regular bulb for your home when you can easily get hold of this. UL listed bulbs are always safer to use and ensure there is no kind of risks to you or your family. This bulb is made without mercury and never radiates UV or Infrared that can cause irritation.

Moreover, you can even use this as a normal 10W bulb if you install this on the regular sockets. With a 7 times longer lifespan and 85% saving on energy, this is undoubtedly one of the best kinds of bulbs on the market.

Key features:

  • Always creates an even and well-balanced output because it produces a 270° beam angle.
  • Energy-star certified, for the same brightness an incandescent bulb would have consumed 100W of energy. However, this does the same work in 16W.
  • 3 years of warranty makes sure you are always thoroughly satisfied with the performance.

2. LOHAS 3-Way LED Frosted Light Bulbs

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To start with, it offers three-level of brightness to choose from. Now you can use 600 lumens for the bedroom, 1250 lumen for reading and writing, and 1850 lumens of maximum brightness for everything else. This is a 3000K LED bulb which performs excellently and never flickers or cause irritation.

CRI>85 rating ensures complete protection and safety to your eyes as well. In no time, this will turn on to full brightness as these do not require warm up time. Finally, it is totally free from mercury or xenon, these are the safest kind of LED lights that you can rely on every day.

Key features:

  • The huge lifespan of 30000 hours, promising you consistent performance for a long time.
  • Energy-efficient in design, using this over regular incandescent light can save you up to 85% of energy.

1. Yamao 3-Way LED Light Bulbs

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Two bulbs in one package, these are CRI 80+ rated and totally free from UV and IR radiations. With the assurance of zero harsh glares, your eyes will not feel discomfort or fatigued even when you use it for long hours. Enjoy a lifespan of up to 22 years if you use these bulbs on an average of 3 hours daily.

Interestingly, it does a lot of saving. It only costs 1.69$/year if you use the bulbs for 3 hours daily, save yourself up to 85% on bills. Lastly, this comes with 2 years of warranty, no need to feel unsure and doubtful when you are buying this.

Key features:

  • UL listed for maximum safety and reliability, the bulbs are mercury and lead-free.
  • For the proper level of brightness, you get 2700 Kelvin color temperature in it,
  • Choice of three brightness levels between 800lumens, 1500 lumens, and 2200 lumens.

Gone are the days of CFL bulbs when you had to wait for them to warm up and provide the right illumination. Well, the energy-saving 3 way LED bulbs are the present and most definitely they are the options that will be predominant in the future as well.

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