Top 5 Best Lighting 3-Way LED Bulbs Reviews In 2020

Halogen and incandescent bulbs consume a large portion of energy. Thanks to LED technology, you can now get more energy-efficient bulbs that can fit your existing sockets, lamps, and fixtures. There’s one type of LED bulb that has the capacity to cycle between 3 levels of illumination. This is none other than 3-way LED bulbs. It’s more of a 3-in-1 bulb that performs the function of up to 3 conventional halogen and incandescent bulbs. And it does so while saving up to 85% in energy costs. You can use it for relaxed mood lighting, concentrated task lighting, or general purpose lighting. But how do you get to tell the best 3-way LED bulbs on the market?

Well, it all depends on your lighting needs and what you’re willing to spend. Looking for a quality brand is something that should also be put into consideration. Some brands to consider include Philips, TORCHSTAR, Great Eagle, among others. Still finding some difficulties on where to start looking for? Let me make things much easier for you with a list of some of the best 3-way LED bulbs out there.

Table of the Best 3-Way LED Bulbs Reviews

5. Philips 3-Way A21 LED Light Bulb – E26D Medium Screw Base

3-Way LED Bulbs

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This LED bulb is a perfect alternative to a traditional (40/60/100 watt) 3-ways incandescent bulb. It’s designed to turn on at full brightness and provides 3 levels of comfort. This energy-efficient bulb switches among three brightness levels of 450, 800, and 1600 lumens. This means you get a dimming effect without having a dimmer. The different light settings make the bulb an ideal option for relaxing, reading, or task work. In short, you get all-round lighting that draws only 5 watts. The bulb has an extended lifetime of up to 25,000 hours, something that eliminates the need for frequent replacement. It comes in a pack of 2.

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4. GE Lighting 150-Watt 3-Way LED Bulb with Medium Base & Soft White

GE Lighting 92119 3-Way LED 50/100/150-watt replacement

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This soft, 3-way LED bulb makes a perfect replacement to the conventional 50/100/150 incandescent bulb. The bulb provides 3 levels of brightness: 700, 1600, and 2155 lumens. It comes in handy to provide low mood lighting, bright task lighting, and general purpose lighting. This bulb draws only 15 watts at low brightness and delivers a colour temperature of up to 2700K. This is one bulb that you won’t be replacing anytime soon. That’s because it’s designed to last up to 22.8 years, thanks to a lifetime of 25,000 hours.

3. Great Eagle 3-Way A21 LED Light Bulb – 3000K Bright White Color

Great Eagle 40/60/100W Equivalent 3-Way A21 LED Light Bulb

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This is a bulb that takes pure, clean, and soothing light to the next level. It replaces conventional halogen bulbs of 40, 60, and 100 watts. That’s achieved by switching among 3 illumination levels. The cycles are achieved with a simple click of a switch. The flexible lighting options make this 3-way LED bulb an ideal choice for that cozy room, restaurant, or hotel lobby. The bulb generates 1600 lumens at its brightest and draws only 15 watts. It is bright white and has a 3000K colour temperature. It’s fabricated from eco-friendly materials and you got no glass shatter to worry about.

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2. TORCHSTAR 3-Way LED A21 Light Bulb for Table Lamp & Bedside Lamp

3-Way 40/60/100W Equivalent LED A21 Light Bulb

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This dimmable 3-way LED bulb replaces 40/60/100 watts halogen and incandescent bulbs. The bulb draws less power, 5 watts at the lowest brightness level. It has the capacity to cycle between 3 illumination levels of 450, 800, and 1600 lumens. With a beam angle of 270 degrees, you get maximum coverage for general-purpose lighting. The bulb is devoid of any flickers or glare, a feature that makes it an efficient and reliable lighting feature. It delivers soft white light that’s got a colour temperature of 2700K. This 3-way LED bulb has a lifespan of up to 13.7 years and comes in a pack of 2.

1. Cree 3-Way Soft White LED Light Bulb 3/7/16.5 Watt

Cree SA21-16027MDFD-12WE26-1-11 Led 30/60/100W Replacement

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Get up to 15,000 hours of soft white lighting with this energy-efficient 3-way LED bulb. The bulb replaces 30/60/100 watts conventional bulbs letting you save up to 85% in terms of power costs. It switches between 3 levels of brightness: 320, 820, and 1650 lumens. That makes it an ideal option for different lighting ranging from general purpose, concentrated lighting, to relaxed mood lighting. This is a bulb that makes colours appear true, richer, and natural. The bulb is non-dimmable and has a colour temperature of 2700K.

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