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The bedroom demands a high level of organization and neatness. Well, top-notch bedroom armoires make such a level of organization possible. They take very little space but offers a ton of storage space. Based on the model, armoires can combine drawers, shelves, and cubicles to provide versatile storage. But how do you pick the best wardrobe armoire that offers good value for your money?

This article reviews the best models that combine beauty, durability, and ample storage in one package. Sauder Harbor View Armoire is our best pick. It has everything you need in a storage unit. Not to mention, it doubles as a TV stand, a rare feature for a clothing bedroom armoire. However, we have a ton of other options that are just as appealing. Read more to find out.

Table of the Best Bedroom Armoires Reviews

10. South Shore Wood Wardrobe Armoire with Adjustable Shelves and Storage Drawers

Bedroom Armoires

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South Shore specializes in beautiful and affordable real-life furniture. This 2-door bedroom armoire is no exception. It offers flexible and versatile storage to meet your needs.

First, it adopts a transitional style. That means it combines both traditional and contemporary styles. So, it offers a classic, timeless design that complements just about any decor. Also, it has streamlined edges that provide a simple yet sophisticated look.

South Shore armoire offers more than a versatile, elegant design. It combines shelves, drawers, hooks, and a metal rod to provide ample storage. Not to mention, the shelves are adjustable. Hence, they provide customizable storage when the need arises.

Well, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty regarding storage space. This armoire has two shelves and two large drawers. Metal slides enable the drawers to pull out nicely and quietly. So, there are no slamming noises.

Durability-wise, this armoire doesn’t disappoint. It comes in eco-friendly particleboard. Not to mention, it has a decorative plastic laminate. Hence, it’s easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance.

Special Features

  • Durable and Eco-friendly laminated particleboard
  • Adjustable shelves, drawers, and full-length metal rod provide generous storage
  • The versatile transitional style adapts to any room
  • Safety-tested for durability


This easy-care armoire creates ample storage and optimizes small spaces. Also, it’s durable enough to last over five years. For a durable unit that strikes a perfect balance between contemporary and traditional style, South Shore armoire is your best bet.

9. Sauder Miscellaneous Highland Oak Finish Storage Cabinet

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Sauder is an American brand with deep roots. Not to mention, a winner in furniture style and innovation. This elegant and practical storage cabinet is among its top creations.

The cabinet uses particleboard from sustainable engineered wood. Also, it’s safety tested for stability. Hence, it offers a durable structure that’s free of tip-over accidents.

There’s ample room for your garments and accessories. Overall, you get three shelves, two large drawers, and a full-length hanging rod. One of the shelves is adjustable. So, it can accommodate large items

Moreover, this storage cabinet has two paneled doors. Hence, it provides concealed storage whenever the need arises. At the same time, the doors keep your clothing items free of dust.

Special Features

  • Sustainable particleboard is durable and Eco-friendly
  • Safety tested to eliminate tip-over accidents
  • Two drawers, three shelves, and a hanging rod offer a ton of storage space


Sauder Miscellaneous cabinet is a great piece of low budget furniture. It’s sturdy, has clear instructions, and provides ample storage. Though it has glue smell, the odor gasses off in a short time.

8. Sauder Palladia Select Wooden Armoire Dresser

Sauder Palladia Select Wooden Armoire Dresser

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Sauder Palladia combines ample storage and an elegant style. Hence, it’s one handsome armoire that accommodates your storage needs. Let’s look at it in more detail.

This bedroom armoire is extremely heavy and with lots of parts. That makes it a perfect standalone piece. It stands straight and will require a great deal of effort to tip over. So, if you’re looking for safety-tested stability, this armoire will suffice.

Except for the garment rods, every piece is crafted from engineered wood. Not to mention, it’s from sustainable wood. Hence, those that love to go green will find it a handy choice.

High-quality trimmings give a bold statement. At the same time, the cherry finish gives it a richer appearance. Regardless of your decor style, this armoire will be an excellent upgrade.

slot drawer and garment rods provide plenty of storage. The drawer, in particular, is easy to assemble. What’s more, you can configure it as per your needs. Furthermore, it has safety stops to protect your fingers.

Special Features

  • Lab-tested stability guarantees safety
  • T-slot drawer system for quick assembly and customization
  • High-quality trimmings lend a modern look


Sauder Palladia armoire is a heavy and sturdy piece. Not to mention, all parts are laid out carefully for straightforward assembly. It’s one of the best for DIY assembly.

7. KOUSI Kid Clothes Storage Organizer – Clothes Storage Cabinet for Kid and Toddler

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Kousi storage organizer is an adorable and durable piece. It’s neither too big nor bulky. However, it has an abundance of storage. Not to mention, it offers room for creativity.

The cube structure is perhaps the most outstanding feature. You can configure different shapes. So, if you need flexible storage, this clothes organizer will do. At the same time, it can fit any room to save space.

Well, this storage organizer has eight storage bins and a hanging rail. Each bin has colorful artwork. Animal scenes, among other characters, make it perfect for your child’s room.

The frame comes in sturdy ABS plastic. The panels are made of strong fabric. It’s waterproof, dust-resistant, and easy to clean. Also, it has hole handles. Hence, there’s ample airflow to eliminate odors.

Special Features

  • Plastic connectors and fabric panels offer a lightweight structure
  • Eight storage bins customize to any shape
  • Colorful artwork adds more life to your kid’s room


Kousi storage organizer is a creative piece that offers ample space for your kid’s outfits. As light as it is, it can accommodate 176 pounds of toys and outfits. If you need something cute and practical, this organizer will suffice.

6. Sauder Harbor View Wood Bedroom Armoires for Sale – Antiqued White finish

Sauder Harbor View Wood Bedroom Armoires for Sale

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The Harbor View armoire is as charming as it’s versatile. It adopts an antique white finish, giving it “true vintage” beauty. And with detailed louvered doors, it’s easily the best for elegant styling.

But this bedroom armoire offers more than good looks. It has two storage cubicles, two drawers, and a garment rod. Hence, it offers the most storage options so far. But there’s more.

Aside from providing storage for clothing items, it doubles as a TV stand. For the record, it can hold TVs as large as 32 inches. Not to mention, TV sets that weight up to 95 pounds. Hence, it’s multifunctional and sturdy at the same time.

The hinges allow the doors to open fully. At the base is solid wood turned feet. They give this bedroom armoire a brand new look. Not to mention, add class to your bedroom space.

Special Features

  • Detailed louvered doors give an elegant appearance
  • Space behind doors double as a TV stand
  • Storage cubicles and drawers offer ample storage


Harbor View armoire is a well-made piece for anyone on a budget. It’s beautiful and adds a sharp look to any bedroom. Though assembly is time-consuming, it’s worth the time and effort.

5. MAGINELS Children Wardrobe Dresser – Portable Closet Bedroom Armoire

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Like Kousi storage organizer, this unit is among the best in the lightweight segment. It weighs 15 pounds, providing a more portable storage solution. Despite the feather-light construction, it can hold loads of items.

Overall, this bedroom armoire has a garment rod and six cubes. Each holds 22 pounds of clothing items. What’s more, the cubes enable you to create a customizable structure. It can adapt any shape without sacrificing storage capacity.

Thanks to ABS connectors, assembly is pretty straightforward. The panels, on the other hand, come in waterproof fabric. It’s easy to clean, providing hassle-free maintenance.

Moreover, this armoire has colorful and lively cartoon scenes. Hence, it’s not only versatile but also super cute.

Special Features

  • Tool-free assembly makes it a snap to put together
  • Waterproof materials for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Multi-angle connectors create customizable designs
  • Easy-to-clean waterproof panels


This baby armoire offers a portable and customizable structure. Plus, it’s super-easy to clean with ample storage. It’s easy to see why this armoire is the best seller in the baby’s segment.

4. Sauder Highland Oak finish Storage Cabinet

Bedroom Armoires

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This bedroom armoire adopts a slim profile. Hence, it can fit tight spaces. Despite the size, it offers a ton of storage space. Not to mention, vetted quality and a stylish look.

Golden highland oak gives it a nice old-fashioned look. Moreover, it has frame detailing and panel doors. Together, they add more elegance and natural beauty.

Behind the paneled doors are four adjustable shelves and a full-width shelf. So, there’s ample room to stash your clothes and pantry items. The door handles come in brushed chrome. They provide a cool, sophisticated look.

Engineered wood and heavy-duty hinges guarantee durability. Also, this cabinet has a laminate finish. It adds a durable aesthetic value.

Special Features

  • Molding trim and oak finish offer a distinctive look
  • Adjustable shelves allow you to configure storage space
  • Durable engineered wood construction


This cabinet lacks drawers and hanging rods. However, it compensates that for more shelves. We rate it the most popular bedroom armoire at the time of writing.

3. South Shore Versa 2-Door Bedroom Armoires with Drawers

South Shore Versa 2-Door Bedroom Armoires with Drawers

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The Versa 2-door armoire offers decent quality. This contemporary piece adopts a modern shape and finish. Hence, it adds more to your decor. Well, there’s a ton of other likable features in this bedroom armoire.

First, it offers a generous storage capacity. Three adjustable shelves behind the two doors create four storage spaces. Not to mention, each supports 25 pounds worth of clothing items, books, and more. Also, you can add the brand’s felt baskets to expand storage capacity.

Still, on storage, this bedroom armoire has two large drawers. So roomy are the drawers that you can stuff in your blankets and sweaters.

Laminated particleboard adds durability to this armoire. Not to mention, it’s aesthetically attractive. Above all, it’s non-toxic and exceeds safety standards. As such, it offers decent quality you can trust.

Special Features

  • Two drawers and three adjustable shelves offer generous storage capacity
  • Contemporary styling upgrades your home decor
  • Sturdy construction supports more than 100 pounds


The Versa armoire complies with today’s quality standards. Not to mention, it holds more than other armoires in the same category. Overall, it’s a decent piece of furniture for the money.

2. Palace Imports Solid Wood Sliding Door Armoire Closet

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Do you want extra durability and stability? Well, this wardrobe armoire has you covered. So far, it’s the only piece that boasts 100% solid wood construction. But to provide a silky smooth finish, it has veneer on large panels.

Aside from providing a robust structure, it allows full customization. For instance, you can change the layout to fit up to four shelves. Also, the bottom three shelves are removable and adjustable to any position.

Moreover, the top sits flush with the side panels. Hence, you can combine more than one unit to expand storage capacity.

The paneled doors and mahogany finish add an elegant appearance. But what makes the doors stand out is the sliding mechanism. They don’t need extra space to open. Not to mention, they slide independently and effortlessly.

Special Features

  • Solid pine wood construction offers a robust structure
  • Sliding doors save space
  • Adjustable shelving layout
  • Flush sides and top allow you to add an unlimited number of wardrobes


This armoire ranks high both in durability and customization. Also, it saves a precious amount of space. It’s an ideal choice for those with ever-changing storage needs. Not to mention, persons with limited space.

1. Sauder Homeplus Soft White finish Wardrobe Cabinet

Bedroom Armoires

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The Home Plus wardrobe armoire looks good no matter where it stands. It adopts a simple design but way more gorgeous. No wonder it looks more expensive than its price tag.

The doors have frame and panel construction, adding more decorative features. Moreover, they lend a modern look to match any home decor.

Behind the doors are a garment rod and three spacious shelves. Not to mention, there’s an adjustable full-size shelf. You can set it at different heights to accommodate items of various shapes and sizes.

Also, this wardrobe armoire has a large drawer. Thanks to a patented T-slot system, it’s quick and easy to assemble. Again, the drawer has safety stops to eliminate the risk of injuries.

The back panel has cord access for better cable management. Also, this armoire has an adjustable base leveler. It keeps the wardrobe stable, even on an uneven surface.

Special Features

  • Cord access hides away cables
  • Lab-tested stability reduces tip-over accidents
  • Adjustable shelf offers flexible storage
  • Base levers keep the wardrobe stable


The Home Plus wardrobe offers an extra touch of style. Not to mention, it has extra features that lack in other units. Base levelers and cord access, for instance, are a huge bonus.

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