Best Pop up Beach Tents | Beach Shade Tents Reviews In 2021

A lazy day at the beach can be quite fun. But then, do you have what it takes to avoid sunburns? Even so, how do you plan to shield your family from the blazing sun? Sunscreen creams might do the trick, but only to some extent. Beach umbrellas have a proven track record. But for privacy, they don’t hold up well. What you need is an all-round, stable performer. For this, a beach tent easily snatches the top position. It keeps you and your family safe and cool. Plus, you can use it to store gear and other personal items. Everyone wants the best for themselves, and beach tents are no exception. So, this brings us to our big question, “what are the best beach tents to buy?”

Tell you what, finding the best in no walk in the park. So, we’ve decided to do the hard part for you. Below, we have listed and reviewed the best-selling beach tents for camping to consider.

Table of the Best Portable Beach Tents Reviews

10. Pacific Breeze Deluxe XL Easyup Beach Tents

Beach Tents

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Even among the best, there’s one that stands out of the pack. We consider this beach tent to be the best overall. The hub system, in particular, is one feature that gives it an edge. For the most part, it makes it a lot easier and quicker to set up. Again, the tent is very spacious, accommodating between 3 and 4 people. Even then, it’s pretty light at 6 pounds. Since you can fold to a compact size, storage and transportation is no issue.

The tent has extra-large windows for ventilation. Plus, it offers all-weather protection. Take, for instance, the breathable polyester fabric. It gives UPF 50+ sun protection. Above all, it’s water-repellent. The tent has a fibreglass frame. It’s flexible but at the same time, strong to withstand outdoor conditions.

Special Features

  • Five sand pockets make the tent more stable
  • Internal pockets and hooks for storage
  • An industry-leading hub design allows for easy setup

9. Venustas Lightweight and Easy Beach Sun Shelter for  3-4 Person

Venustas Lightweight and Easy Beach Sun Shelter for  3-4 Person

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Every beach tent has a particular feature that makes it unique. And for Venustas beach tent, it’s the extendable floor. In fact, it extends 40 more inches out. This makes it 30% more spacious than other tents in its price range. Hence, if you need an extra activity room, this tent is your best bet. On a side note, the tent can sit 3 to 4 people. Another huge positive is the unique folding capability. It makes the tent fit in a backpack with plenty of room to spare. Also, the tent has a durable 190T polyester.

It’s water-resistant, breathable, and lighter than most tent fabrics. Moreover, there are large ventilation windows. As for sun protection, the tent offers UPF 50+ protection. Furthermore, it includes two sandbags that keep it steady in windy conditions.

Special Features

  • Floor extension creates extra activity room
  • Folds smaller than most tents of the same size
  • Three curtains offer privacy

8. KEUMER Venustas Large Pop Up Beach Tents – Anti-UV Sun Shade for Family

KEUMER Venustas Large Pop Up Beach Tents - Anti-UV Sun Shade for Family

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Pitching up a tent can be quite a hassle. In fact, it’s the main drawback of camping. After all, you don’t want to waste the whole day figuring out what goes where. Well, this pop-up beach tent saves you the trouble. It literally “pops up” from its pack. All you have to do is peg it to the ground. Besides that, it makes it easier to take down the tent. Overall, it’s an excellent pick for a travel-friendly beach tent.

The fact that the tent is easy to set up or take down doesn’t make it flimsy. It offers excellent UV protection against the blazing sun. Again, it has the most windbreaker sandbags (Eight) for stability. The tent is 40% larger than its counterparts and sits up to 5 people.

Special Features

  • Waterproof and tear-resistant 210D oxford fabric
  • A silver coating enhances anti-UV effects
  • Easy setup and takedown (Takes under one minute)
  • Meets EU standard of quality

7. Sumbababy Large Portable Automatic Sun Umbrella Tent for Beach Cabana

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Lightweight construction is among the criteria used to select our top picks. So, all tents on our list are among the most lightweight out there. But here’s the thing; this particular beach shelter is super lightweight. Apparently, it uses a carbon fiber frame. It’s low in weight, about 40% lighter than aluminium. However, it’s very strong and rigid. In fact, it’s three times stiffer than steel. Above all, the carbon fiber frame keeps its shape.

Overall, it creates one tough beach tent. Like the Venustas beach tent, the floor extends out to create more room. So, you don’t need an extra mat to bask in the sun. Again, this is a travel-friendly pop-up tent. The canopy has a silver coating that reflects sunlight. Together with UPF 50+ sun protection, you’ll worry less about UV rays. Keep in mind; this tent is for 3 to 4 people.

Special Features

  • Ultra-light, heavy-duty carbon fiber frame
  • Floor extension gives more room to bask in the sun
  • The hassle-free pop-up design allows for easy and quick setup

6. Oileus X-Large 4 Person Portable Sun Shade Tent for Beach

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So far, we’ve looked at different tents. Some offer extra floor space, while others allow for super easy setup. Well, this particular beach tent gives all these benefits in one package. First, it has an extended floor that you can zip up to double as front closure. Also, it has an automatic pop-up mechanism. This allows you to fold or take down the tent in under 30 seconds. Another excellent feature is the roll-up window.

It gives the privacy you need and provides plenty of ventilation. Again, the canopy has an umbrella-grade PU coating. It offers waterproof performance. Needless to say, it’s one of the most abrasion-resistant canopies. Above all, it filters out up to 99% UV rays.

Special Features

  • Roll-up windows with velcro offer more privacy
  • Extendable floor zips up to double as front closure
  • A pop-up mechanism makes setup a breeze
  • Inside storage pockets

5. WolfWise Portable Baby Beach Tent – Umbrella Canopy Cabana Sun Shade

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Beach tents aren’t only for adults. Apparently, some brands have beach tents for babies. And if you’re looking to buy the best, WolfWise baby tent will suffice. But let not the name fool you. The tent has a spacious interior that can seat 1 to 2 people. And as expected, it’s pretty light at 3.3 pounds. So, it’s something you can easily stuff in your backpack. Again, the tent rewards you with 360-degree ventilation.

Instead of one entry, it has two. The best part, both have a front closure that zips down for extra floor space. Furthermore, the canopy is water-repellent and has UPF 50+ UV protection.

Special Features

  • A compact and highly portable size
  • 360-degree ventilation offers a maximum cooling effect
  • Two full-sized doors for easy entry and exit
  • Two closures zip down to create more than double the floor space

4. Gorich UV Sun Shelter Lightweight Beach Sun Shade Tent for 3-4 Person

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2019 has been a year of beach tents. New entrants have flooded the market. But Gorich beach tent has managed to stand out from the crowd. Though it has a larger space for up to 4 people, it’s among the lightest. For the record, the tent weighs 2.5 pounds. Plus, it folds down to a pretty compact size. In fact, you might fail to notice it’s in your backpack. Also, the is beach tent comes with a carry case. So, even if you don’t have a backpack, you can still carry around with ease.

The pop-up system makes it easy to set up and fold down. Furthermore, the tent has a lab-tested sunscreen performance. It reduces the interior temperature by up to 10.8 degrees.

Special Features

  • Ultra-light and easy to carry
  • Lab-tested sunscreen performance
  • Three curtains offer privacy

3. Coleman Portable Pop up Beach Shade Shelter

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For a feature-packed beach tent, we vote Coleman beach shelter the best. It has some features that lack in other beach tents. For instance, it has a drying line for your swimsuit and towel. Again, this beach tent has a protected entrance that offers an extra shade area. Like most tents on our list, the floor mat extends out from the interior. Hence, there’s ample space to relax. Plus, you can zip up the floor for privacy. Before we forget, Coleman beach tent is very affordable. Thus, it’s among the best choices for a tight budget.

Special Features

  • Polyguard material offers a lasting service life
  • Includes storage pockets for personal items
  • Drying line for clothes and towels
  • Shaded entrance for added sun protection

2. Neso 9 x 9ft Grande Beach Tent

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Maybe you want something unique that stands out from the rest. And for that, you’ll be better off with Neso Grande beach tent. While others have the floor and canopy, it has only the canopy. The best part, it has an extra-large shade area of 81 square feet. Hence, it can easily seat more than 6 people. The canopy is made of water-resistant nylon. It protects you during those rainy days. Above all, it keeps out 98% UV rays. The canopy can pack down to a compact size for travel.

Special Features

  • Sandbags anchor the tent onto the ground
  • Reinforced corners offer added strength
  • An extra-large size of 81 square feet

1. OutdoorMaster Folding Sun Shelter for Beach

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OutdoorMaster beach tent combines easy setup and smart design. It’s one tent that doesn’t require assembly. Instead, it pops up into place in a few seconds. A fibreglass frame allows the tent to maintain its spacious shape. The interior can fit 3 to 4 people. Again, it has a polyester fabric for excellent sun protection. It provides shade and can preserve your chilled drinks.

The windows are a mix of mesh nylon and polyester. Also, they have a privacy flap should you want to change into a swimsuit. Furthermore, the tent has a built-in zippered door. Well, this is a multi-use door that doubles as a floor extension.

Special Features

  • Privacy flap and built-in door make it an ideal changing room
  • A pop-up design saves you installation work
  • Comes complete with a handy carry bag

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