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You’ll rarely find an NBA player on the court with bare knees. Most have basketball knee pads, braces, or sleeves to reduce wear and tear. And since collision is inevitable, they help prevent bruises, either as a result of impact or hard falls. Of all three options available, none absorbs impact quite like knee pads. No wonder they’ve become a popular choice among attacking-style basketball players. Not only are they rugged enough to provide support and protection, but also flexible to provide unlimited mobility. But with the ton of options out there, what are the best basketball knee pads to buy?

Well, we took a look at a ton of selections on the market. After ranking them, based on quality, flexibility, features, and of course, price, we have our roundup of the top basketball knee pads to consider. But as we know, each one of us has their taste, preferences, or tight budgets to meet. That said, it will be wise to spare a few minutes to read through and find yourself the perfect match.

Table of the Best Basketball Knee Pads Reviews

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10. McDavid Hex Volleyball & Basketball Knee Pads – Knee Sleeves

Basketball Knee Pads

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McDavid knee pads are a popular choice among professional basketball players and for a good reason. First, it provides more coverage than standard knee pads. Hence, it helps keep you warm as well as provide maximum protection. Also, the knee pad has a closed-cell foam padding. As such, it offers great protection from high-impact sports.

Moreover, the pad has 9mm hex contours for lasting durability. Thanks to the moisture-wicking fabric, this knee pad keeps you cool and dry all day. Though it’s one of the lightest out there, this knee pad provides better protection than other pads.

Special Features

  • Contoured cell foam cushions the knee from impact
  • Moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool and dry
  • Hex pattern maximizes durability and protection

9. EVA Pads Crashproof Basketball Leg Knee Long Sleeve Protector Gear

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This knee pad adopts a high-compression technology. As such, it offers improved muscle support. Not to mention, it drastically reduces muscle soreness. Again, the pad comes in super lightweight Lycra fabric. It not only provides freedom of movement, but it’s also breathable to keep your skin dry.

Also, the pad has grooves that offer more flexibility as you kneel or bend. Hence, there’s zero chance it will slip off. As the name suggests, it has EVA foam padding. It offers excellent protection, especially in high impact sports.

Special Features

  • Non-slip silicone liner keeps the pad from slipping off
  • EVA foam padding provides excellent resistance from impact
  • Built-in grooves conform to the shape of your knee to provide cradling comfort

8. Cantop Knee Pads for Kids & Adults – Long Compression Leg Sleeves Braces

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Cantop knee pad is specially designed for contact sports. Not only is it ideal for basketball, but also for hockey, baseball, skating, and more. The knee area has a honeycomb design that disperses shock. Not to mention, it has thick padding to resist impact forces.

This knee pad is made of high-density Lycra. It’s elastic to provide a good stretch. At the same time, it’s breathable to wick away moisture and sweat. Also, this knee pad provides lightweight wear. Therefore, it enables you to move with full flexibility.

Special Features

  • Durable and breathable high-density Lycra fabric
  • Honeycomb pad design disperses shock in the vent of impact
  • Lightweight design offers more freedom of movement

7. PISIQI Long Knee Compression Pads for Basketball, Football & Volleyball

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This knee pad fits tight like a second skin. Because of that, it offers the right level of compression to prevent muscle cramps. Despite fitting tight, close to the skin, the pad provides excellent airflow. This gives it a remarkable moisture-wicking ability that keeps your skin fresh and dry.

Moreover, this knee pad has an anti-slip band on each end. So, it’s less likely to slip off, even in high-action sports. Again, it has a honeycomb pad design around the knee area. It protects your knees from external pressure. Also, the honeycomb design does an excellent work to disperse shock during impact.

Special Features

  • Skin-friendly stretch fabric wicks away moisture and sweat
  • Honeycomb pad protects your knee from impact
  • Anti-skid bands prevent the knee pad from slipping off

6. Vergali Wrestling & Basketball Knee Pads for Youth and Adult

Vergali Wrestling & Basketball Knee Pads for Youth and Adult

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This is one of those knee pads you can count on, season after season. It remains durable on and off the court. For instance, it can withstand multiple washes without deteriorating. Also, the pad uses a combination of fabrics. As such, it’s more durable. Above all, it provides a higher level of breathability and flexibility.

While most models use multiple smaller pads to protect against impact, this knee pad uses one-piece EVA. That makes it flexible enough to contour around the knee. At the same time, it’s thick enough to protect your knee from knocks and scrapes. Moreover, the pad has a silicone gel strip that keeps it from sliding off in the middle of the game. A nylon and spandex blend makes the pad breathable, enabling it to wick moisture when hot. What is more, it insulates you when cold weather kicks in.

Special Features

  • Rip-resistant one-piece EVA foam offers more flexibility
  • Nylon and spandex blend wicks away moisture when hot and insulates when cold
  • Anti-slip silicone gel strip prevents the knee pad from sliding down

5. Bucwild Sports Knee Pads – Padded Compression Knee Sleeves

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Few models can boast the thickness of this knee pad. It has a 10mm thick EVA foam, which is 2mm thicker than most competing brands. Hence, it has one of the best protection against impact. Even then, it remains super light to enable unrestricted movement.

The fabric offers premium softness. At the same time, it offers a superb moisture-wicking ability. Thus, it keeps you dry and cool on and off the court. Moreover, this is an advanced fabric that doesn’t scratch nor deteriorate after multiple washes. Hence, it’s durable enough to serve you season after season.

Special Features

  • 10mm EVA padding is 2mm thicker than most brands to provide excellent cushioning
  • Advanced moisture-wicking fabric offers premium softness
  • Precision sizing eliminates guesswork

4. HOMZHEN Knee Compression Sleeves

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This highly-elastic knee pad provides excellent compression, which enables it to fit close to the body. Also, it has a soft silicone liner that keeps it from sliding down. Again, this keen pad is precision-cut to provide a tailored fit. Likewise, it conforms to the contours of your leg for unrestricted motion.

Moreover, the pad has a thick anti-collision sponge. It adopts a honeycomb design, which enables it to disperse impact. Furthermore, the sponge adopts a one-piece design. It not only makes it more flexible but also durable enough to take a beating.

Special Features

  • Precision-cut to provide a perfect fit every time
  • Silicone strip keeps the knee pad in place
  • Anti-collision honeycomb sponge disperses shock to minimize damage

3. BERTER Anti Collision Knee Pads Support for Men & Women

Basketball Knee Pads

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Berter presents you with an innovative knee pad. A special honeycomb design enables it to withstand tackles and hits. Even then, it’s flexible enough to contour to your knee and provide freedom of movement. Also, the knee pad provides excellent stretch for easy on and off.

Again, this knee pad uses a breathable spandex fabric. As such, it prevents the buildup of sweat and moisture, which keeps you dry. Furthermore, there’s an anti-skid silicone strip, both at the top and bottom of the pad. As such, there’s zero chance the pad will come off, even in high-action activities.

Special Features

  • Crash-proof honeycomb padding disperses shock
  • Anti-slip silicone strip keeps the knee pad from shifting
  • Moisture-wicking fabric keeps you dry and odor-free

2. POWERLIX Knee Brace for Men & Women – Knee Support for Running, Basketball & Weightlifting

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This is by far the best-selling knee pad on the market. Not only is it recommended by doctors, but it’s also a preferred choice among most trainers. It has an innovative 4-way compression that reduces swelling. Not to mention, it provides temporary pain relief. The best part, it achieves all these without bunching.

Moreover, the fabric adopts 3D knitting, which provides an outstanding feel. Above all, the fabric offers 360-degree protection. Also, it’s breathable to wick away moisture as well as eliminate odors. This knee pad has silicone strips that provide a snug, anti-slip fit.

Special Features

  • 3D knit fabric offers an outstanding feel and 360-degree protection
  • 4-way compression provides remarkable support without bunching
  • Silicone gel strips keep the knee pad from sliding off

1. JMOKA Non-Slip Knee Brace Soft Knee Pads

Basketball Knee Pads for Youth and Adult

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The last product on our list never ceases to get positive feedback from customers. It doesn’t have the honeycomb design of the other models on our list. Instead, it has a plain thickened sponge in the front. Hence, it provides excellent relief from impact.

The pad uses a highly elastic polyester fabric. As such, it can fit any knee curve comfortably. Not to mention, the fabric is breathable for excellent moisture-wicking ability. Furthermore, it has a protective slip to keep it from slipping down.

Special Features

  • Exquisite weaving technology guarantees long-term use
  • Thickened sponge protects the knee form impact
  • Silicone strip keeps the knee pad from rolling down

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