Best Electric Automatic Chicken Door Openers Reviews In 2021

The safety of birds is very important for every chicken owner. The automatic chicken door openers are available to ensure their security and comfort. These doors allow easy access to the birds inside. Also, it keeps them protected against killers at day and night. Finding the best automatic chicken door guarantees years of security.  Moreover, these doors guarantee the safety of their eggs.

The huge birds like hawks, raccoons, etc. will not harm the chickens inside. One unique feature is you need not check every time. Hence, you can silently perform your tasks without worrying about them. Most of them come in durable construction for long-term use. Many of them come in stylish designs. In some advanced models, you may find digital settings. They ensure extra security. Now let’s get into more details of the best automatic chicken doors.

Table of the Best Automatic Chicken Doors Reviews

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10. JVR 12V DC Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener Kit

Automatic Chicken Door Openers

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To save time, these automatic chicken doors come with ease of installation. This model of the chicken door does not need extra wires for setup. Simply attach the door opener. Generally, it fits most ducks and chickens. One of the best features is its rainproof body. This makes sure this coop opener can work in all weather conditions. It is specially designed for outdoor use.

A timer controller is available. It helps you to set the timings for opening and closing of the door. Moreover, this coop opener runs on a 12V DC power supply. With the simple push of a button, you can open and close easily. Furthermore, the controls are available in a box. There is no way chickens can access the buttons.


  • It comes with a big hinged door. Its width is Large Hinged Door – Sizes: 11.8 inches wide and 12.5 inches height.
  • A programmable timer is present. It helps you to set the timer. You can see the settings on the LCD screen.
  • It allows you to program for 7 days.
  • According to sun rays, it opens and closes during day and night.

9. Automatic Chicken Door Openers with Motor and Timer – Auto Pop Door Opener

Automatic Chicken Door Openers with Motor and Timer

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This automatic chicken door opener comes in heavy-duty construction. It guarantees years of reliable use. The other name of this product is an automatic pop door opener. You can also call it chicken coop accessories. The use of metal offers durability. Moreover, the built-in motor is easy to program. You can change its settings to change the height of the door. Hence, you can change its size according to the size of the poultry.

The pack comes with a metal door, motor, and timer. Also, it includes door guide tracks, door connector, and mounting hardware. For connection, you also get an AC-DC power adapter. You can look at the instructions for ease of use.


  • The durable motor can lift and lower down the door up to 40 pounds.
  • Its door opens up to 22 inches with included tracks.
  • Within 30 minutes, you can install it easily. No need for extra wires.

8. Happy Henhouse Auto Chicken Coop Door Opener Kit – Electric Auto Chickenguard Door for Coops

Electric Auto Chickenguard Door for Coops

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Safety is a key feature of the automatic chicken house doors. This kit comes with an electric chicken guard door for the coops. It is also suitable for cages. Moreover, the included light sensor guarantees great security. No worries about chickens’ safety during the night. It makes sure no human or animal or bird can access the chickens.

Its motor stops the door automatically. It does this if your chicken comes in the way. Now you need not walk with the sun. Let the chickens enjoy morning sunrays on their own.


  • For durability, it comes with a gear motor and a weatherproof controller.
  • All the rails and doors are made up of metal.
  • Its rope works as a durable wire. It helps easy control of the door.
  • The built-in timer runs on the 4 external AA alkaline batteries.

7. Run Chicken Model T40 Automatic Chicken Coop Doors

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The duration of safety is the key feature of these automatic chicken house doors. This T40 coop door ensures long-term safety. Whether morning or night, it guarantees full security. The aluminum doors and the light-sensing timer provide security. Moreover, you need not open the door.

Its operation needs a 12V power supply. The entire system is reliable and safe. Furthermore, it is easy to install.


  • It comes with morning and evening delays. The timings are 30 minutes, 60 minutes, and 90 minutes.
  • The powder-coated finish offers durability.
  • It can work well in all weather conditions.
  • There are 3 motor power settings available.

6. Haoguo Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener Kit

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The time for open/close is important in automatic chicken coop doors. Haoguo designs this coop door with a timer controller. You can program this controller to automatically open and close the door. It is easy to do this at sunrise and sunset. Hence, as per the chickens’ habits, the door closes or opens automatically.

It is easy to install; no extra tools are needed. Also, you need not make a cable connection. Generally, this coop door kit is suitable for various chicken breeds, ducks, and hens.


  • It comes with the latest controller design. The software helps you to find out the local sunrise as well as sunset time.
  • The durable aluminum doors stop the attacks from other people or animals.
  • The door does not bend or break.
  • The rails provide extra safety.

5. Rural365 Electronic Automatic Chicken Door Opener with Light Sensor and Timer

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This battery-operated automatic chicken door is easy to use. The battery provides enough energy to open and close automatically. Now you need not wake early in the morning to take out chicken. Moreover, the built-in timer and light sensor offer great safety. During morning and night, this coop door provides security.

The process of setup is easy and quick. The kit includes all material to make a sliding door. Furthermore, the diagram and installation instructions are available.


  • It works on 4 external AA batteries.
  • No need for cords, wiring, or solar panels.
  • A latch control box is present. It protects the pulley system from the external elements.
  • A light sensor is available. It shows the time when opening and close the door.

4. Lovinouse Upgraded Automatic Chicken Door Coop Opener Kit

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The sensor is the main part of these automatic chicken coop doors. This kit includes an infrared sensor. Based on the timing of day and night, it opens and closes the door. Hence, this coop door kit saves you time and energy. You just need to set the open and close timings.

Its large door is durable. No animal or bird can easily open it. Inside this product, you can fit hens, ducks, and most chicken breeds.  Furthermore, it is easy to install. No need for cable or wires. The kit includes an instruction manual and hardware.


  • The motor automatically stops the door. It does this if the chickens are stuck under the door.
  • Its door uses rust-proof metal. Hence, this door opener lasts longer.
  • It measures 13 inches in height and 12 inches in width.
  • It stops the attack from the fox, raccoon, and other creatures.

3. ChickenGuard Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener and Closer with Timer & Light Sensor 

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This battery-operated automatic chicken door is easy to maintain.  You can call it a pop hole door opener and closer. Moreover, timers and light sensors offer security. You can let it easily open and close after setting the timer. Also, you can set the light sensor. For manual opening and closing, just press the button.

There is no minimum or maximum limit of door heights. Moreover, the included cord comes with a large weight capacity.


  • There are 4 AA alkaline batteries available. They provide long battery life. Also, the low battery warning feature is present.
  • The weatherproof body offers ease of maintenance.
  • It is quick and easy to install. No need for wires or cables.

2. Brinsea ChickSafe Eco Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener and Door Kit

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This automatic chicken door opener works according to daylight.  According to light levels, it can open at sunrise and shut off at dusk. Moreover, the built-in sensor measures changes in light. An auto-stop feature is available. It works if the chicken is stopping the door.  Furthermore, no animal or bird or person can harm the chickens inside.


  • The size of the aluminum door is 11 inches x 13 inches. It is suitable for most chicken breeds.
  • It comes with 4 AA batteries. The built0in indicator is visible up to 100 yards.
  • The range of temperature is -20 to 120° F.

1. LOVSHARE Automatic Chicken Door Openers

LOVSHARE Automatic Chicken Door Openers

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The light sensor in this coop door provides great safety to chickens. It makes sure the chickens do not get crushed on the door. Moreover, a control box is available. It is easy to change the timings of the light sensor. Hence, you can control when to open and close the door.  Based on daylight, its controller will work for the open and close of the door. It is easy to set up and use. No need for wires or cables.


  • The large door is durable. It does not break or bend.
  • This door opener does not harm the attack from anybody.
  • When the chicken is stuck under the door, the motor stops the door. Hence, the chicken stays protected.
  • The remote control is available. It helps you to control opening and closing from a far distance.


The automatic chicken doors guarantee you durability, reliability, and safety of chickens. They save you time and effort for opening and closing the door.

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