Best Cordless Air Impact Wrenches Reviews In 2021

Ever tried loosening tight engine bolts? Or maybe replace a car tire? Such jobs can be a mechanic’s worst nightmare, especially if the bolt won’t budge. But small as they are, air impact wrenches can make light work of such tasks. They deliver impressive torque right into your hand, enabling you to undo and re-do bolts much quickly. The internet offers gear deals. However, there’s also a chance that you may get a product that doesn’t work well. That said, what’s the best air impact wrenches for lug nuts and automotive?

Well, we’re here to help you find a model that works great. Not to mention, one that comes at a great price. Without further ado, here’s our Best air impact wrench for automotive. Read more to find the one that suits your needs.

Table of the Best Air Impact Wrenches Reviews

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10. AIRCAT 1150 “Killer Torque” 1/2-Inch Impact Wrenches

Air Impact Wrenches

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AIRCAT 1150 is nicknamed “killer torque” for a reason. It’s the most powerful impact wrench in its class. The rotor, which is 15% larger, creates unmatched power. It delivers 1,295 foot-pounds of loosening torque. Thus, it makes light work of stubborn fasteners. Above all, its twin hammer delivers 1,400 blows per minute. That easily makes it the strongest hard-hitting twin hammer in its class.

Though air impact wrenches are quite noisy, this unit is an exception. Despite the powerful punch, it runs quietly at 86dB. This impact wrench weighs 4.5 pounds. Moreover, it has an ergonomic handle to provide a comfortable grip.

Special Features

  • 1,295 foot-pounds of loosening torque make it the most powerful in its class
  • 15% larger rotor delivers unmatched power
  • Best-in-class twin hammer delivers 1,400 blows per minute
  • A quiet exhaust produces only 86dB

9. Campbell Hausfeld 1/2 Impact Wrench – Air Impact Driver

Campbell Hausfeld 1/2 Impact Wrench - Air Impact Driver

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This air impact wrench is among the least expensive on the market. But let not the low price tag fool you. This impact wrench packs quite a punch. It has 550 foot-pounds of nut-busting torque. Again, it has three speeds that enable you to get a perfect tension every time.

At 4.4 pounds, this impact wrench is light enough to minimize fatigue. Not to mention, it has a soft rubber grip. The rubber not only offers a non-slip grip but also reduces vibrations. It’s compatible with the brand’s 30-gallon air compressor for the best results.

Special Features

  • Composite housing offers long-lasting durability
  • An ergonomic soft-grip minimizes fatigue and vibrations
  • 550 foot-pounds torque and 1,200 BPM make light work of tough bolts
  • Three-speed settings deliver accurate results

8. Ingersoll Rand 2317G Edge Series Air Impact Tool & Ratchet Kit

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Sometimes, you may need more than an impact wrench. If that’s the case, then this impact tool and ratchet kit will suffice. The kit has a ratchet wrench that delivers 55 foot-pounds of torque. That makes it an excellent choice for less-demanding tasks.

Then there’s the impact wrench that outputs 500 foot-pounds. It offers a balanced blow and has a durable 6-vane motor. Both the impact wrench and ratchet wrench feature an ergonomic design. Above all, the impact wrench is among the lightest, weighing 2.6 pounds. That said, this is a set that offers greater comfort as you work.

Special Features

  • All-in-one set comprises an impact wrench (500 foot-pounds), ratchet wrench (55 foot-pounds), and socket set
  • 6-vane motor improves service life
  • Impact wrench has a lightweight construction of 2.6 pounds

7. DEWALT DWMT70773L 1/2 Square Drive Impact Wrenches

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Dewalt impact wrench offers guaranteed toughness. In fact, it’s among the best for heavy-duty tasks. The wrench delivers 650 foot-pounds for high power fastening. Also, it has an adjustable power regulator. Hence, you can set the speed that best suits the job at hand.

Well, this impact wrench has one of the most rugged designs. Take the shock-resistant housing bumpers, for instance. They minimize vibrations and protect housing. Above all, the wrench has a composite body design that can take quite a beating. Despite the “beefy” construction, it remains light at 4.6 pounds.

Special Features

  • 650 foot-pounds torque and 1,100 BPM deliver high power fastening
  • Adjustable power regulator gives more accuracy on the job
  • A rugged composite body offers guaranteed toughness
  • Housing bumpers and cushion grip minimize vibrations and fatigue

6. Ingersoll Rand 231C Super-Duty Air Impact Wrenches

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This 1/2-inch impact wrench powers through the toughest jobs with ease. After all, it’s called a “super-duty” impact wrench for a reason. At full power, it delivers 600 foot-pounds of torque. Plus, you can adjust the power to suit the task at hand. Above all, it uses a twin-hammer design. This offers impressive performance at rotational speeds of up to 8,000 RPM.

Ingersoll Rand impact wrench weighs 5.8 pounds. Though it’s not one of the lightest out there, this is a well-balanced tool. The ergonomic design, for instance, provides all-day comfort. Furthermore, this impact wrench comes fully lubricated. Thus, it’s ready to use right out of the box.

Special Features

  • 2-piece construction allows for easy use and maintenance
  • 600 foot-pounds torque offers reliable power
  • Five-speed settings enable you to control torque output
  • Arrives fully lubricated and ready for use

5. TZTool 1200 All-new Diesel 1/2 Impact Wrench Set

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Are you looking for an exclusive combination set? If so, then this impact wrench set has got you covered. It has 18 deep impact sockets and three extension bars. This makes it one of the best, both for mechanics and DIYers. Also, the package comes with a carry case. Hence, it keeps your impact wrench and accessories organized.

Now to the impact wrench. It offers 875 foot-pounds of nut-loosening torque. Plus, it has three forward speeds adjustable to 8,5000 RPM. So, it’s one of the fastest on the market. Despite the sheer power, it operates quietly at 93dB.

Special Features

  • An exclusive combination set (Impact wrench, 18 deep sockets, and three extension bars)
  • Carry case for easy storage and transportation
  • Powerful diesel gun delivers 830 foot-pounds of maximum torque
  • Quiet operation of 93dB

4. Berkling Tools 2443J Pneumatic Mini Compact Air Impact Wrench

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Berkling impact wrench is the most compact on our list. It’s only 4.4 inches long and 2.4 inches wide. Well, that’s almost half the size of most impact wrenches. Hence, it can fit even the smallest hands. Besides, it’s easier to operate in tight spaces. As expected, it’s also among the lightest impact wrenches, weighing 2.5 pounds.

Despite the size, it offers the best-in-class power to weight ratio. It has a maximum torque of 550 foot-pounds. Not to mention, it offers 850 foot-pounds of nut-loosening torque. It achieves all these at a pressure of 90 psi.

Special Features

  • Super compact design allows for one-hand operation
  • Best-in-class power to size ratio (550 foot-pounds torque)
  • Lightweight construction (2.5 pounds) minimizes user fatigue
  • The over-moulded handle offers a comfortable grip

3. Astro Pneumatic Tool 1822 ONYX 1/2″ Nano Impact Wrench

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This impact wrench is by far the shortest on our list. At 3.85-inch long, this mini impact is almost the size of a credit card. It weighs 3 pounds, about half a pound more than the lightest on our list. All considered it allows for comfortable one-hand operation.

Even in its small size, it delivers impressive power. It has 450 foot-pounds maximum torque, enough for most applications. Also, it has three speeds. This offers more accuracy in fastening applications. Above all, this is a tool that has undergone rigorous testing. Thus, it offers guaranteed durability and exceptional performance.

Special Features

  • A compact 3.85-inch length makes it ideal for tight spaces
  • 3-pound weight minimizes user fatigue
  • 450 foot-pounds torque is an impressive power for its size
  • Rigorous testing guarantees reliable performance

2. Chicago Pneumatic CP7748 1/2 Composite Impact Wrench

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The Chicago impact wrench offers best-in-class performance. It delivers 1250 foot-pounds of nut-loosening torque, second to the AIRCAT 1150. Again, the forward switch lets you adjust the torque from 180 to 730 foot-pounds. As such, it’s ideal for all maintenance applications.

Also, the wrench has a composite housing. It contributes to the lightweight design of 4.4 pounds. Together with the contoured comfort grip, it makes the tool comfortable to handle. Furthermore, this impact wrench has an air motor design. It not only delivers impressive power but also holds up well in dirty conditions.

Special Features

  • Contoured comfort grip makes the tool comfortable and super durable
  • Best-in-class 1,200 foot-pounds nut loosening torque
  • Air motor design holds up well in dirty conditions
  • Quiet handle exhaust eliminates the noise

1. NitroCat 1355-XL 3/8 Composite Air Impact Wrench with Twin Hammer Mechanism

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AIRCAT 1150 and Chicago CP7748 are the most powerful among 1/2-inch impact wrenches. But in the world of 3/8-inch impact wrenches, the top spot goes to NitroCat 1355. it has the strongest hard-hitting twin hammer, delivering 1,350 blows per minute. Also, it delivers 700 foot-pounds of nut-loosening torque at full power.

Even then, this impact wrench is among the lightest at 2.75 pounds. Not to mention, it runs quietly at 86dB. The exhaust is built through the handle. As such, it keeps debris away from your face.

Special Features

  • Durable and lightweight composite housing
  • Patented quiet technology produces only 86dB
  • Through-the-handle exhaust keeps debris flying away from your face
  • Best-in-class 700 foot-pounds nut-loosening torque

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