Best Oil-less Electric Air Fryers Reviews In 2021

The thought of a scrumptious delicacy always made us drool. But most tasty mouth-watering dishes are not necessarily healthy. Thus, most of the people have to give up on their delicacies to choose a healthier way of life. Well, you can change that easily. There is a way to enjoy mouth-watering culinary delicacies without compromising health. The electric air fryers are one of the most ingenious inventions that allow you to cook tasty food without using much oil while preserving the nutritional value of the food items. Plus, these electric air fryers are easy to use and make your life very easier while adding new flavours to it.

Thinking of buying an air fryer that functions with electric? Well, that can be troublesome considering there are several buying options available. That’s why; we prepared a perfect list of best electric air fryers for you. Have a look to choose the best one

Table of the Best Electric Air Fryers Reviews

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10. Habor 3.8 Qt Healthy Less Fat Electric Air Fryers

Electric Air Fryers

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Less oil means better health for your home and this air fryer does that job impressively well in rewarding you with the oil-less preparation of delicious dishes. Also, it can be used for multiple purposes like a grill, roast, bake, steam and even other things as well. The smart cooking timer along with wide temperature control of 275-400 F combined with 110-120V ensures you have enhanced accessibility at your fingertips always.

Key features

  • Comes with removable drawer and detachable basket for easy transfer of food.
  • Long 39.4 inches power cord, allows it to be placed anywhere.
  • Huge 1500 watts of power.
  • Warranty of a year.
  • Certified by ETL and FDA.

9. T YONG Tong 1400W Low-Fat Air fryer – Oilless Cooker

T YONG Tong 1400W Low-Fat Air fryer

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Say no to fried food with this smart and intelligent air fryer that provides super rapid hot air frying with its smart innovative hot air circulation system for fast and easy preparation of fried foods. Furthermore, the advanced technology on this fryer allows you to have a cooking time of 30 minutes, auto shut off mechanism, and a wide temperature control range of 176-392 F. The detachable basket along with the grill rack assures you easy transfer of food from the fryer to the plate.

Key features

  • Very short preheating time, thus fast food preparation.
  • The silicone resin non-stick coating makes it easy to clean.
  • Comes with a carry handle for easy storage and portability.

8. Big Boss 16 Quart 1300 watt Silver Oil-less Air Fryer

Big Boss Oil-less Air Fryer

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The best of technology packed in one item, the Big Boss air fryer rewards you with oil-less frying with a triple cooking power of halogen, convection and infrared. It also has smart features that eliminate any thawing time, thus frozen food can be cooked instantaneously. Moreover, the two cooking trays can cook multiple items simultaneously, ensuring much lesser cooking time and efficient results every time. It is by far one of the best models in air fryers.

Key features

  • Ensures less use of energy and provides necessary heat, thereby rewarding you with 3 times faster cooking.
  • Can be used in higher heat setting for even faster cooking time.

7. Secura Extra Large 1500 Watt Electric Hot Air Fryer

Electric Hot Air Fryer

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When the power of the hot air is combined with high-speed air circulation, your crisp and tender fries are supposed to get ready in no time. The benefit of a large 4-litre basket is that it means more fried food for your home whenever you want. With hot air cooking method, you can create healthier food as well as it will be less greasy. Lastly, say no to oily foods as the air fryer will help you make sumptuous and delicious fried foods without the unhealthy requirement of oil.

Key features

  • Comes with a maximum of 60 minutes cooking time in the timer along with Auto shut off feature.
  • Heating and power indicator lights for better handling.
  • Long 3’8” cord for enhanced accessibility.

6. Avalon Bay 3.7 Quart Capacity Air Fryer

Avalon Bay Air Fryer

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If health is a primary concern for you and still you do not want to compromise on the quality and taste, the air fryer from Avalon Bay is certainly a smart choice for your home. The use of rapid air circulation technology rewards you with a taste of a deep fried food without the need for oil. Furthermore, it comes with the advantage of a non-stick baking dish and a multi-use rack for better performance and comfort. The 1400 watts of power will make your food preparations tasty and quick as well.

Key features

  • Wide temperature control range of 180-400 degrees.
  • Has the benefit of a 30 minutes timer.
  • Smart construction of Non-BPA plastic and non-sleep feet.
  • 90-days refund.

5. Nutrichef Premium Prime Stainless Steel Oilless Air Fryer

Updated Premium Prime Air Fryer

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Cook great quality and tasty foods in the comfort of your home without the harmful addition of oil with this air fryer from the house of Nutrichef. This fryer helps you in making crispy and tasty fries instantaneously with the use of advanced technology inside the fryer. It works by the function of turbo hot air circulation and can even cook multiple types of food like BBQ, roast, broil and even bake. Also, it has a Teflon cooking pan and basket which can be detached and cleaned with ease, thus the fryer looks new always.

Key features

  • Comes with LCD display and buttons for easy control.
  • A wide temperature control range of 176-392 F.
  • 30 minutes of maximum cooking time.

4. FrenchMay Touch 3.7Qt 1500W Control Air Fryer

FrenchMay Touch Control Air Fryer

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Use it in versatile ways and make delicacies at your home that can woo you and your guests without causing any harm to the health. With this FrenchMay air fryer, you get the advantage of oil-less tasty frying and even other functions like baking, grilling, roasting, etc. The fryer comes with the advanced and industry-leading dynamic airflow technology that rewards you with uniform cooking along with rapid hot air circulation that helps in adding the crispy touch. Also, on the outside, you get a beautiful and intuitive touchscreen control panel that allows you to set the preferences, cooking times and other settings easily. The classy looking product is dishwater safe and also has 60-minutes timers along with auto shut-off

Key features

  • Comes with 7 preset references.
  • Easy to clean basket and base.
  • High-temperature control of up to 400 F.

3. Super Deal 1500W Black Electric Air Fryers

Super Deal 1500W Electric Air Fryer

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Being a 1500 watt air fryer, this is one of the most powerful air fryers in the market and comes with really impressive features targeted at making your experience better with fried foods. The 8 preset smart programs assure you sweat less while making the famous recipes. Besides, you also get the benefit of an intuitive LCD screen that keeps you posted, a wide temperature control range of 180 – 400 F, with 10-degree increment and an exceptionally less pre-heat time. Also, it is dishwasher safe and very easy to clean, thus great maintenance is also guaranteed.

Key features

  • Comes with all certifications of safety.
  • 30 minutes of a cooking timer.
  • Built-in cool to touch housing and handle for easy transfer.

2. Simple Chef Air Fryer For Healthy Oil Free Cooking

Air Fryer For Healthy Oil Free Cooking

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Bring home this highly advanced air fryer from Simple Chef that rewards you with fried foods, eliminating oil but taste at par excellence. The Simple Chef Air fryer features a world-class design made out of 100% BPA free plastic and a sturdy construction. It uses the advanced air circulating technology that helps you prepare delicious recipes effortlessly. The small footprint of the fryer makes it easier to use it in any place without any hassles.

Key features

  • Can be used for a variety of dishes including BBQ, roast, bake, and even rolls.
  • Huge temperature control range of 180-400 F.
  • Dishwasher safe construction.
  • Guaranteed 30-days refund.

1. Cozyna 3.7QT Air Fryer with Airfryer Cookbooks

 Cozyna 3.7QT Air Fryer with Airfryer Cookbooks

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At the very top of the list, you get an electric air fryer from Cozyna that delivers you the great taste of fried foods without the need for oil while preparation. It has a 3.2 litre of capacity, thus a lot can be cooked with ease and even the fryer is capable of cooking different kinds of foods like fries, grills, bake, roast etc. Having this in your kitchen means your health is never compromised for the great taste of food. Also, it is dishwasher safe and you get two cookbooks for making it easier.

Key features

  • Comes with recipe books for better cooking.
  • All parts of the fryer are dishwasher safe.
  • Cool to touch easy grip handle.

To ease things up, get hold of an excellent electric air fryer and make your life much easier, Thus, make a suitable choice and start living a hassle-free life.

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