Best Adjustable Bed Bases with Massage Reviews In 2021

One of the most important additions in any house is the bed where we sleep on and when that bed comes up with an inbuilt innovative technology that complements any smart home, the whole house looks much better. In the recent era, adjustable bed bases have evolved more and more in terms of their technology, design and functionality. The best things about these bed bases are that they can deliver top-notch comfort along with supreme convenience, the flexibility of lying down however you want to and sometimes a super relaxing massage as well. These are also made out of heavy-duty materials that are meant to last and serve for a long time.

To help you in making the right choice, we jotted down top adjustable bed bases that some brilliant features along with great user-friendly design. Do not feel lost in the market where you will get overflowing models of bed bases as the list have been carefully detailed keeping the important things in mind.

Table of the Best Adjustable Bed Bases Reviews

10. Classic Brands Full Comfort Adjustable Bed Bases

Adjustable Bed Bases

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Obtain a top-notch lifestyle with some outstanding comfort by adding this adjustable bed base from Classic Beds to your life. It comes packed with some brilliant features to deliver added comfort. To start it off, this has programmable elevation positions combined with some relaxing head and foot massage as well. There are added USB ports on the sides that improve accessibility while the wireless remote makes life easier for the users. The elevation positions can be switched and programmed according to your needs while you can also alter the intensity of the massage you get on it with the 3-speed settings. Plus, it has a whisper quiet base for all the foot and head elevation positions that also includes zero-gravity positions.

Key Features

  • The height can be adjusted as per requirement.
  • Adjustable legs which vary according to height options.
  • Ease of installation is guaranteed along with great customer service.

9. Classic Brands King Adjustable Bed Base with Massage

Comfort Adjustable Bed Base with Massage, Wireless Remote

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We all desire to have a really comfortable bed that has a sturdy frame along with some highly impressive features; this bed base from the trustworthy Classic Brands is certainly a smart choice. This king size bed base has an ergonomic design with features like USB ports, wireless remote for adjusting and changeable height. Furthermore, it can hold a wide variety of mattresses and comes with 6 leg design for added stability and support. Legs can be adjusted to suiting three different heights and you can select from 3-speed settings for added comfort during the massage.

Key Features

  • Three different levels of dual head and foot massage for added comfort.
  • Elevations of the head and foot can be adjusted separately.
  • Easy to set up and install.

8. iDealBed 4i Custom Bed Bases for Anti-Snore & Memory Pre-Sets

Custom Adjustable Bed Base

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When you desire to have a bed that has combined smart features as well as technology and can serve your purpose in amazing fashion, then having this bed at your home cannot be a wrong choice whatsoever. It redefines the idea of a comfortable sleep as it is capable of adjusting up to itself 70-degrees and 40-degrees angles of the head and foot sides respectively. The remote you get has 18 buttons for flawless control while you also get the benefit of three preset positions of the bed like anti-snore, zero gravity and flat bottom. It also can provide you with stellar massages as it comes with 3 levels of intensity and 4 different modes of massage.

Key Features

  • Legget and Platt power motors for ultra quiet functioning.
  • Impressive weight capacity of 850 lbs.
  • 3 in 1 adjustable height options for added convenience.

7. Lucid L300 Ergonomic Twin XL Adjustable Bed Bases

LUCID L300 Adjustable Bed Base

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It is smart, comfortable and brilliant in design and has some amazing use of technology in it. This twin size bed from Lucid has an upholstered frame in the charcoal grey colour that looks extremely classy and appealing. The wireless remote you get along with the bed has flashlights for emergency and also has the capability to remember your favourite sleeping position. Also, you get a dual USB charging station at the sides for added convenience every single time. The motor used is of premium quality and is extremely responsive and creates less noise.

Key Features

  • Head and foot can be inclined separately at different angles.
  • Takes 5 minutes to assemble.
  • Huge weight capacity of 750 pounds.

6. Lucid L300 King Adjustable Bed Base with Memory Foam

LUCID L300 Adjustable Bed Base with 12 Inch Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

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The Lucid adjustable base for bed has attractive features along with the contemporary looks for the modern homes. It comes along with 12-inches memory foam hybrid mattress from the same brand that will undoubtedly make your sleepy times much more comfortable and soothing. The independent head and foot climb of 60 degrees and 45 degrees at max is certainly an exceptional advantage. Moreover, you get a mattress that will cradle your entire body while you sleep, keep away any kinds of odours and even eliminate moisture. Furthermore, the mattress is made of high-quality steel coils and has a balanced layer of support.

Key Features

  • Huge weight capacity of 750 pounds.
  • Dual USB charging stations.
  • 10-years warranty.

5. Reverie 9T Adjustable Bed Bases with Wireless & Massage

Reverie 9T Adjustable Bed Base

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This smart looking adjustable base from Reverie also comes with some smart and innovative use of technology that gives you the flexibility of having any head and foot elevations, choose already customized positions and even program a position as per your requirement. The wireless OLED remote has a screen for easy understanding of the features and its capabilities while the powerful motors are capable of noise-free working and deliver a super relaxing massage for your tired body. Also, the massage function has 4 different waves with as much as 10 intensities for the best experience. It also has ProGrip technology that assures a long-lasting comfortable sleep and even a LED- a nightlight that is placed under the bed.

Key Features

  • Comes with the portable wireless charging pad.
  • Free Nightstand App compatible with Bluetooth Smart
  • USB outlets for added convenience.
  • The side rails can be removed for added flexibility.
  • Comfort setting, routine, can be set from beforehand as it comes with Bluetooth support.

4. Classic Brands Full Affordamatic Adjustable Bed Base

Comfort Affordamatic Adjustable Bed Base

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Gone are the days when you need the assistance of a pillow for late night shows on the TV or important works on your laptop, as the adjustable bed base from Classic Brands brings to you an outstanding solution where you can raise your head or foot to different elevation levels for easy working. It comes with an easy to use wired remote and a smart overall frame that can fit almost all types of mattresses with ease. The 12-inches leg height is ideal for every home and makes an ideal sleeping height as well.

Key Features

  • Can be used with or without a standard bed frame.
  • Foot retainer bar ensures no slipping off the mattress even when raised.

3. Classic Brands Adjustable Bed Base with Wireless Remote

Adjustable Bed Base with Massage

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This is a queen size bed from Classic brands that has all the smart features to reward you with an elated experience every single time. The wide range of programmable positions allows you to sit and lie down whenever you wish to. Furthermore, it comes with an exceptional feature that enables you to have a soothing and relaxing massage. The 3-speed vibration massages on your head and foot are certainly an impressive feature to look at. Also, the dual USB ports can directly plug your smart devices without any hassle. It further comes with a whisper-quiet mechanism for saving space as well as providing relaxations.

Key Features

  • The smart whisper quiet mechanism for soundless operation.
  • Three different leg height choices at 3”, 6” and 9”.
  • Any mattress can be used.

2. Hofish Customizable Queen Solid Wood Slat Adjustable Bed Bases

Adjustable Bed Base with Backlit Wireless Remote

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If convenience, ease of installation, great use of technology and of course top-notch comfort is your concern, then this great adjustable bed base from Hofish is outstanding in all the above-mentioned points. Hofish brings you the adjustable bed that has dual USB ports for your smart devices, a wireless remote to control the two customizable and nine predefined programs and the reliability of German technology that assures noise-free working and effortless transition of positions. Moreover, the powerful motor has an impressive lift capacity of 750 pounds and anti-crush technology for utmost safety.

Key Features

  • Comes with removable pockets.
  • The flat button ensures risk-free operation during power outages.
  • The height can be adjusted at two different positions.

1. Memory Foam Mattress with Adjustable Comfort Adjustable Bases

Memory Foam Mattress with Adjustable Comfort Adjustable Base

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At the number one spot, you get yet another model of bed base from Classic Brands, which also comes with exceptional memory foam and gel-bed mattress that ensures high-grade comfort every time you get on it. In the base, you get the innovation of whisper quiet technology that works without producing any noise and can also raise the bed on both ends at separate elevations for your convenience while reading or working. Besides, the height of the base can also be adjusted at certain elevations for even better comfort.

Key Features

  • The comfort of three-speed dual head as well as foot massages.
  • Comes with wireless remote, preset and programmable positions of sleeping.
  • The convenience of USB ports for charging devices.

So many options to choose from leads us to take wrong decisions and that is why we need to do some research before getting our hands on the best one. Hence, make an excellent choice of bed base and relax.

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