Best Lightweight Hiking & Trekking Poles | Walking Sticks Reviews In 2021

Trekking is a passion and once you are into it, you get badly addicted to it. Whether you are a seasoned hiker or a beginner, the trekking poles are equally important to everyone. From providing you with stability and relieving you of the stress on your joints, the poles also help you in moving over rough terrain without hassle. It will keep the palms of your hands cool and help you to overcome all hurdles. Thus, if you are planning an adventurous trekking trip, then poles are a must for you.

However, it’s not easy to find the best trekking poles in the market and millions of options are open to you. That is why; we have curated a list of top trekking poles to help you choose the best one

Table of the Best Hiking & Trekking Poles Reviews

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10. BAFX Durable & Lightweight Aluminum Walking Sticks for Hiking & Trekking

Trekking Poles

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These hiking poles from BAFX Products were designed with the convenience of the users in mind. Whether you are a beginner or a proficient hiker, the trekking poles will aid you perfectly in having a wondrous trekking experience. Made from durable aluminum, these poles assure you of their longevity and are light in weight thus it becomes easy to use them. Plus, the poles can expand up to 52″ for making it easier to trek. It also comes with wider padded wrist straps for better grip and support along with an anti-shock spring which minimizes the effect of sudden shocks.

Key features

  • Carbide tips are installed under rubber tips.
  • Has the ability to expand from 25.5″ to 52″.
  • Has a 1-year warranty.

9. Foxelli Carbon Fiber Collapsible Trekking Poles – Walking & Running Sticks

Foxelli Trekking Poles

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Highly durable Foxelli poles are just the thing you need to quench your thirst for adventure. These poles use quick lock technology that ensures utmost safety during trekking. Moreover, the length of the poles can easily be adjusted to meet your requirement. It also has anti-slip natural cork grips that help in absorbing sweat and keeps one’s hands cool even during strenuous hikes.

Key features

  • Manufactured from pure carbon fiber, the poles are completely durable and ultralight.
  • The anti-slip natural grip of the poles makes them more comfortable to use.
  • 3-years money-back guarantee.
  • Retractable as it can be adjusted from 24” to 55”.

8. Hiker Hunger Ultralight & Collapsible Trekking Poles

Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles

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Manufactured from 100% carbon fiber, the Hiker Hunger poles are an extraordinary buying choice for a beginner as well as seasoned trekkers. Being natural shock absorbers, this pole absorbs any shock and provides you with the best experience in any terrain. The poles are ultralight too weighing below 1 pound. Thus, you will never have any trouble using them.

Key features

  • Easily collapsible design as it can be expanded from 24″ to 54″ as per your requirement.
  • Ergonomic cork handles further enhanced by EVA foam provides the poles with a comfortable grip.

7. TheFitLife Nordic Trekking Poles for Camping & Hiking

TheFitLife Nordic Walking Trekking Poles

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TheFitLife Nordic Walking poles are known for their shock-absorbing capabilities. Manufactured from high-quality aviation aluminum, the poles are comfortable enough to absorb all the shocks and make it comfortable to trek in any terrain. Plus, it has a robust structure and it has been built to last. The poles also come with extra-long EVA foam covered handles and straps. Thus, you do not only get a firm grip; it also becomes to use the poles.

Key features

  • The poles are made from aviation-grade aluminum which makes them highly shock absorbent.
  • Poles have a robust and durable structure.
  • Can be extended from 26″ to 53″ inch easily.
  • The extra-long soft EVA foam handle and straps provide you with a firm grip.

6. Vive Walking Sticks RRS

Trekking Poles by Vive

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If you are looking for amazing trekking poles that can work in any terrain and makes it comfortable for you to trek, then these poles from Vive can be a perfect choice. Having a weight of just 7 ounces, the poles move fast while reducing the pressure on the seven essential joints of your body. Plus, the length of the poles can easily be adjusted to fit your requirement. Be it making your way through the ice or walking through steep lands, this pole will serve your purpose well.

Key features

  • These poles are extremely light in weight thus they reduce the pressure on your joints completely.
  • Comes with all-terrain adjustments.
  • Easily extendable from 27.5″ to 57.5″ without hassle.

5. Aluminum Folding Hiking Walking Sticks with Locks

Aluminum Quick Lock Trekking Poles with Cork Grip

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One of the best ones available in the market, these poles from Cascade Mountain Tech is highly durable as well as lightweight weighing less than 10.4oz. Furthermore, the poles can be easily extended and the quick-lock system ensures utmost safety. Plus, the tip of the poles is reinforced with a tungsten-carbide alloy which further enhances the durability as well as the efficiency of the poles.

Key features

  • Tungsten-carbide tip for the poles.
  • The aircraft-grade aluminum metal construction makes the poles ultralight and easy to use.
  • Quick-lock system assures you about the safety of using these poles.

4. Cascade Mountain Tech Twist Lock Trekking Poles for Walking and Hiking

Cascade Mountain Tech Trekking Poles for Trail Hiking

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Cascade Mountain Tech offers you these highly innovative and robust poles which promise to become the greatest allies in your adventurous trails. Manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminum, these poles are highly durable even more than their carbon fiber counterparts. Plus, they are very lightweight too weighing less than a pound. Furthermore, these poles come with an easy locking system, mud as well as snow baskets, and tungsten carbide tips. So, you will be able to trek on any terrain without putting much pressure on your joints.

Key features

  • Aircraft-grade durable aluminum construct makes the poles light in weight and strong to withstand any terrain.
  • Tungsten carbide tip provides maximum stability.
  • The easy locking system allows you to expand or collapse the poles without any trouble as per your requirement

3. Pole2poles Lightweight Aluminum Trekking Poles

Pole2poles Trekking Poles

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These poles boast a smart 3-part telescopic design which helps you to extend or collapse it as per your requirement. The poles can easily be extended from 26″ to 53″ without any hassle with the help of a speed-lock system and also has an anti-shock mechanism. The aluminum 7075 construction provides the poles with extreme durability and makes them very light in weight. Lastly, the EVA foam reinforced handles provide you with utmost comfort all day long.

Key features

  • Highly durable aluminum 7075 construction.
  • Very light in weight.
  • Smart 3-part telescopic design that allows the poles to be of any size in between 26″ to 53″.

2. TrailBuddy Lightweight Aluminum Adjustable Hiking or Walking Sticks

TrailBuddy Trekking Poles

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The TrailBuddy poles are undoubtedly highly innovative and durable trekking poles which make them worthy of securing the sophomore position on our list. These poles are manufactured from aluminum 7075 which is much stronger as well as durable than carbon fiber and lighter than aluminum 6061. The material is a natural shock absorber thus it does not impend any pressure on your joints. The poles also have a collapsible design and they can easily be extended from 25.5″ to 54″ just by twisting and turning.

Key features

  • Being made from aluminum 7075, these poles are tougher, lighter as well as more durable than the carbon fiber ones.
  • Relieves your joint of any stress being naturally shock absorbent.
  • Twist and turn to extend or collapse the poles.

1. Montem Ultra-Strong Collapsible Hiking  & Trekking Poles

Hiking & Trekking Poles

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Undoubtedly the best one on our list, the Montem poles are known for their robust structure and comfort of usage. Made from aluminum 7075, these poles are highly durable, strong and they naturally absorb any shock thus providing maximum support to your joints. Lastly, these poles can be easily extended from 24″ to 53″ easily according to your will. Hence, this pair is worthy of being placed at the top of our list.

Key features

  • These poles are highly strong and light having been made from aluminum 7075.
  • Extendable from 24″ to 53″ easily.
  • Absorbs shock naturally thus provides maximum support to your knees.

The selection of an excellent trekking pole is very important as it helps you to reach your goal, your final destination with ease. So, be wise to make a perfect choice.

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