Best Portable Table Fans | Desk Fans And Floor Fans Reviews In 2021

For someone who is tackling the hot weather every day, having a high-quality fan is extremely important. Table fans surely prove to be a great addition to your household, especially during the summer months. As the temperature rises, the ceiling fans fail to circulate the air efficiently. Thus, the temperature in your room increases. Also, running the air conditioner at all times further increases the electricity bill. With a fan, you can solve these problems. These fans are efficient at circulating cool air and direct them towards you. Furthermore, they are lightweight too. So, you can easily carry them to your porch or kitchen as per your need and be comfortable.

The best options of the market are narrowed down, making it easier for you to choose and decide. So, check the table fan price and find out which one will suit your pocket.

Best Table Fans Reviews

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10. Amazon Basics Small Air Circulator Table Fan

Table Fans

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The uses of this free-standing table fan are endless. And once you have a high-quality and efficient fan at your home, your daily life in the heat will go a lot smoother. Simple yet extremely useful, because table fans run for longer hours, the quality factor must be prioritized, always. This fan however is on the better side and can reward you with high-power fresh air anytime.

This has a 7-inches big air-circulating fan means a wide range of airflow, more comfort in the entire space. Also, the button control functionality for everyday hassle-free usage. Switch it on/off on the go without paying a lot of attention.

Key features:

  • Back-mounted controls are extremely useful because then it’s easier to use the fan as an exhaust fan.
  • Let’s switch between the three available speeds when needed.
  • Enjoy fresh air anywhere at any angle because the fan’s head can be rotated 90° for flexibility.

9. Rowenta VU2660 Turbo Quiet Table Fan

Rowenta VU2660 Turbo Quiet Table Fans

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The silent table fan fits in your daily lifestyle in such a way that you will enjoy using it every now and then. Everyone enjoys fresh air whenever possible and thus this portable table fan is the ultimate option. Moreover, it keeps running under 35dB, meaning a whisper-quiet comfort at your home or office, at all times. The control panel is extremely easy and user-friendly.

You will get 5-speed settings to work with and there is a Turbo Boost mode which provides more power on demand. Lastly, you will get the comfort of silent night mode, assuring a no-compromised sleep.

Key features:

  • The fan has a carry handle on top, allowing for easier movement here and there.
  • Exceptionally well-built with 5 blades and 1500W of power that can deliver up to 1695Cu ft/min of airflow.
  • The remote control is included with the fan, letting you operate at your will.

8. Honeywell Oscillating Table Fan

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Indeed, an oscillating table fan that you will be able to set anywhere, take around and use at any place. Something like this is a must-have for everyone. Powerful yet extremely silent and quiet, with three-speed adjustments and tilting oscillations, the fan has a very compact design and you can place it anywhere you, please. Adjustable tilting fan head rotates in all directions, allowing you to cool down from anywhere.

A removable and rugged metal grille has been used on the fan for protection and easy cleaning. Just not this specific table fan, the wide range of options from Honeywell can suit every family’s needs.

Key features:

  • The quick touch push-button controls are simple and tactile with comfortable usage always.
  • No need for any assembling or use of tools, it comes almost ready out of the box.
  • 3-speed settings to use, change it as per your needs daily.

7. Hunter Brushed Nickel Table Fan

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Get this extremely well-designed retro table fan and never worry about lack of fresh air whenever needed. It gets an all-metal construction and with that 3-speed settings. The kind of airflow it delivers is very soothing and fresh. The fan runs smooth and you will get 3-speed settings to change and work with. Set it up wherever you want and use it however you need, this offers 85° oscillation along with adjustable tilting.

It can be directed to any place you are sitting for focused airflow. Also, the 72-inches cord length comes in really useful for portable applications. ETL certification to make sure you can buy the fan with confidence and guarantee.

Key features:

  • Backed by a 1-year limited warranty, no need to worry about the overall quality and performance in any way.
  • The speed selector and oscillation switch looks very premium and timeless classic
  • Comes with a dust armor that can keep out almost 50% of the dust build-up.

6. Vornado VFAN Mini Personal Vintage Air Circulator Fan

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One of the funkiest and attractive looking classic table fans that you can buy today, from the house of Vornado store. Featuring very sturdy and robust construction, the fan has a vintage design. Thus, will complement your work desk the best way. With simple 2 speed controls, you will be able to change the airflow however you like.

Vornado as a brand is around for a long time and authentic VFAN styling is what you can see in the fan. To make sure there are no electrical issues to worry about, this fan meets the U.S. voltage requirements. So, you will get a certification of safety along with that.

Key features:

  • The fan head is tilt-adjustable and you will be able to change the direction whenever needed.
  • 5 years hassle-free guarantee to go with it, you will not encounter any troubles along the way.
  • The propeller blades are deep pitched for enhanced quality of airflow.

5. Pelonis Portable Oscillating Air Circulation Fan

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When you need a lot of good things out of a small machine, you need to get yourself only the high-quality options. This table fan is like none other and offers not only impressive airflow but also the flexibility of moving it up to 80°. This works smooth and extremely quiet, you will be able to set this up both in sleeping and working environments. Enjoy super intense cooling at any place and make your everyday life more comfortable than ever.

As a matter of fact, it will circulate and make the entire area airy. Lastly, you can wash the grille without getting any shocks at all.

Key features

  • Backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty, you can buy this with total confidence and surety.
  • 3-speed airflow for all kinds of weather and environment.
  • It is pretty small but has a classic appeal.

4. SkyGenius Operated Battery Desk Fan

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If you are looking for a unique kind of fan that will fit in your daily lifestyle in a very useful manner, you need to check this option out. Made for modern age people, this is a battery-operated portable table fan that doesn’t require any hassles or mounting. It gets a very smart clip-on design, making sure you can put the fan anywhere and use it with its maximum potential.

Often battery-powered fans are not powerful enough but this one is designed with a high-output motor. The maximum airflow this can produce is up to 16.5ft/sec. Always use it the way you like and need, the fan has 3-speed settings to work with.

Key features:

  • Can fit anywhere and work without any hassles, this fan is quite compact and measures just 5.5-inches X 8-inches X 3.4-inches.
  • You will get a rechargeable 2500mAh battery capable of running 3-6 hours on a full charge.
  • Child safe and secure, it has extremely narrow gaps on the grille for making safety from the blades.

3. Lakewood Oscillating Table Fan

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Check out this small and compact fan for your home, dorm room, or office. Now, transform any space the way you like and enjoy it. In every kind of weather, it doesn’t matter how much hot and humid it gets outside, this fan will keep the fresh air flowing. Quite suitable to be used in smaller and medium-sized bedrooms, setting this up is easy and effortless in every way.

Also, because the fan measures 12-inches, you will get more coverage and a wider airflow. Because the fan is a premium white color, setting this up with varied kinds of interior decors is perfect always.

Key features:

  • 3-speed settings so that you can comfortably change the fan speed to find the most relaxing one.
  • It will cover a wide area to provide cool air always.
  • Easily adjust and change the angle of the fan because it has tilt adjust fan blades.

2. Comfort Zone Portable Oscillating Table Fan

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Get yourself this high-quality imported fan and use it anywhere in your home, office, or workspace. This fan is made using plastic materials, completely safe from rusting and corrosion issues. Hence, it is very durable in daily use. Talking about the quality of the airflow, this fan has 3-speed settings to select.

You will get a very powerful airflow which you will love to feel every second of the day. In addition to that, it is quite silent and quiet. The motor runs smoothly without creating any noise.

Key features:

  • 40 watts of power assure airflow like none other.
  • The black body finish is impressive and is coupled with 12-inches ABS blades.
  • You can tilt and adjust the head so that you get a direct airflow to enjoy.

1. SkyGenius Battery Clip on Mini Desk Fan

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There is hardly any better option of table fan around. Featuring a very unique and modern design, this fashionable fan has a clip design. As a result, allowing for the most convenient mounting options. On the inside, you get a powerful and high-quality motor that can deliver as much as 10.5ft/sec of wind speed. It works totally noiseless and silent, allowing for complete peace of mind when you are working.

Also, unlike other options, this table fan is portable and works on a rechargeable 2600mAh battery. You will be able to charge it using a regular USB source. Finally, it is an ideal option for a fan that can travel with you anywhere and tackle the hot weather.

Key features:

  • The fan has a very compact and user-friendly size, it measures 7.5-inches X 6-inches X 4-inches, is extremely lightweight and handy.
  • Offers up to 360° rotation both horizontally and vertically.
  • On a full charge, the fan can run anywhere between 2.5 hours to 6 hours.

Air conditioners are difficult to be used at all places, thus it is always better to keep an efficient table fan handy. Enjoy a breeze anywhere anytime even when you are working with a portable fan for a table or desk.

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